Friday, September 01, 2006

Just Finished.

Cotton and Rayon mix, size 15 needles goes really fast. I just kind of made it up.

Email me if you want more details. Basically it's casting on an odd amount of stitches, in this case 19 then every knit row increase on either side of the center stitch and be sure to place a marker at the center stitch and move it as you knit. Every purl row just knit across no increase. So the increase is every other row. When I reached 39 stitches I put the front half on hold and knit another back piece and when that is finished I put the two pieces on a circular needle and continue the increase in the center.

The bottom is simply k2tog, yo.

You can sort of change this basic formula around to suit your gauge or measurements. A fast knit and a wonderful wear. Cool and comfy and when the weather cools down it can be worn over a tee shirt or a thin turtle neck.

Here is the new one I've started...


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah! I want this pattern! I love how the bottom of the piece drapes. So, you started at the top and worked down? Details, please. I have a long weekend ahead of me.

Eleni said...

I just love it (like I do all of your stuff). I especially like the color play. Good on ya!