Sunday, October 30, 2011

How much yarn will 4 oz of roving make?

This is the number one question I get asked about spinning from non-spinners. And I may add it was my number one question also before I had some experience with this spinning thing. I bought 4 oz of fiber at NW Handspun Yarns in Bellingham, WA. A wonderful yarn store owned by my friend Meg Jobe. Meg has a great collection of spinning & knitting supplies and is very knowledgeable about spinning and fibers. I loved the shop and sat upstairs knitting with some good friends.

But how much yarn will 4 oz of fiber yield?

I would say it's a DK weight two ply that I am most comfortable spinning and it yielded 285 yards of yarn. Now to decide what to make? I will probably use it as an accent color because it has some wonderful shiny stuff in it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fiber Retreat

My friend Leslie and I went on a road trip here are some pictures of our fiber & food adventures. We did not buy anything because the prices in Canada were sky hi but we dazzled our eyes with all the pretty.

The view from our hotel! Spectacular! Thank you Leslie, it was a great choice. We checked in with all our luggage (we do not travel light). There is a lot of paraphernalia involved with knitting and spinning. The projects the needles the spinning wheels the fiber etc. Usually packing my clothes is not a problem but figuring out what project to take on the road gets to be involved.

I need a small project to knit while waiting at the airport and on the airplane and of course a back up project. Yes the back up project in case I get tired of the one I chose or something happens to it. Ok I admit it I'm a bit obsessed with all this but bear with me. Then the spinning wheel, what bag to put it in what fiber to spin and all the wires, batteries etc. It was no small feat getting all this stuff through security. But I made it and by the way my Zuca bag I chose was just perfect for this, it actually fit in the over head and I had a place to sit while waiting at the airport.

We visited two yarn stores: "Knotty by Nature" ~Fibre Arts~ and "The Beehive Wool Shop" both very nice but expensive.

After feeling up all this wool we got hungry and went across the street to a Korean restaurant and the food was delicious. Then a stroll through China town, after which back to the hotel with some spinning relaxation.

Victoria, BC Canada

As time permits I will post more (maybe).