Friday, May 25, 2007

It seems so long ago..... updated

First thing to check out is the food, because on a cruise ship it's all about the food!

This is the buffet area so I checked it out and thought well just maybe I should stay away from the buffet. The weight gaining issue was worrying me, if I go to a buffet try as I might I always take more food then if I order specifically the food I want. So this was my only visit to the buffet, it was very nice but as you can see from the huge plate I got I would have problems.

After a few bites I left the rest and decided to take a walk around the ship, it was kind of early so most of the passengers were not on board yet and our cabin would not be ready till 1 pm.

Here is my obligatory self portrait.

Coming back from a vacation has it's "adjustment" and catching up side to it but this time this phenomena is "supersized". I got back from my glorious cruise vacation a week ago and it seems like a month has gone by.

Today's dilemma is do I do laundry or do I knit? I would rather knit than do laundry but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

The trip I was on was glorious! I want to go back, the Vision of the Sea was great! I slept like a baby being rocked, we had a balcony cabin and was able to leave the doors open enjoying the fresh sea air all night.

Roomate Kathy my roomate we got along just great, both of us had a great time. We both love knitting and love to travel.

The cabin, was lovely we had a nice balcony and a sitting area. No we did not sleep together they came by and separated the two twin beds.

Now for the knitting part:

We knitted socks attended some classes, sat around "stitch n bitching" knit in the dining room, knit while walking just had a great knitting time.

We also went on "yarn crawls" (visiting local yarn stores as a group) some of the stores had wonderful goodie bags for us and some special welcome activities.

Some of the stores we visited:

Marin Fiber Arts
1026 Court Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Birkeland Bros. Wool Ltd
3573 Main Street
Vancouver BC V5V 3N4

three bags full knit shop
4458 main Street, vancouver, bc
canada v5v 3r3
604-874-wool (9665)
Urban Yarns Point Grey
4421 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604-228-1122
Some of the Brands we saw and I purchased was from

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And who knew that Joann sells Qiviut online

"Qiviutis one of the most rare and luxurious yarns. Qiviut, sometimes called
qiviuk, is 8 times warmer than wool, hypoallergenic, soft enough to be worn
next to the skin and will not shrink when washed in a mild detergent. This yarn
is spun from undercoat of the ancient muskox, which is found in the Arctic.
$70.00 + p&h per 1-ounce laceweight ball / 218 yards of qiviut


The Bid Adventures of Mama - E

Hand Dyed Sock yarn available from



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Amy one of the teachers teaching us a toe up sock knitting tecnique

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Laura and her mom

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This has nothing to do with Sea Socks but....

I just did not want to change pages so I'm sticking it here. This may be handy if you ever want to graph out a pattern.

To generate free pdf graph paper:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch

And a great time was had by all....

The lady tells me that she is going to blog her "nachos" so I say let me get my camera and blog you blogging your nachos..... so it went last night at the Dodgers baseball game. It was Stitch and Pitch night.

Dodger Hot Dog and a Soda.....

Garlic Fries........ I did steal one but it was not quite as tasty as they smelled....

Laurie from "Crazy Aunt Purl"

Faith and Laurie looking very cute!

Frank taking pictures of the crowd!

And the ladies right behind us
I think those were clip on lights to help see the wee tiny little stitches of the needlepoint they were working on.

The Laundry

I decided that my son has been working so very hard 12 hour days that he really honestly has not had time to do any of his laundry. In an attempt to keep this adult "employee" and "room and board" tenant relationship as opposed to "Oh MOM". I thought about it and decided to treat him like I would and employee.

If I have an employee who is working so hard 6 days a week and so exhausted by the time they got home, I would certainly try and make life as easy as possible for them. Ok so I'm doing the laundry. Mountains and Mountains of laundry.

I think every piece of clothing he owned needed to be washed or at least it seems like it. So I'm thinking that I'm making great progress and have washed and folded and put away endless amounts of tee shirts and socks etc. When my son comes to me to ask for a specific shirt. My favorite shirt is missing!

So we are frantically searching for his shirt, he is upset I am upset. He says to me I know this laundry is the the Bermuda Triangle! There is something always disappearing from this laundry! I've known this for years! And its always my favorite shirt that goes missing.

So we search.... will keep you posted....

The funny part is I too have had thoughts about my laundry being like the "Bermuda Triangle" many things have gone missing. I'm not sure how it happens but it does. Especially single socks they go missing all the time. Still investigating this phenomena will keep you posted on this one too.