Sunday, October 29, 2006

By the time she gets home....

I am just totally fed up with her, she is gone and left us. Just went off to who knows where and here we are in need of care and she is not here. I am so filthy that I'm even embarrassed to leave the house. I'm almost tempted to jump in the ocean just to get some of this filth off my poor sensitive skin and fur. As scared as I am of the fish pond in the front yard I'm tempted to jump in there. My brother jumps in once in a while and everybody goes biserk! I'm not even sure I know how to swim, he seems to have no problem swimming but I'm scared!

He is so silly, he loves the water! What is that all about? I hate the water where did he get his genes from? We are twins for goodness sake. I'm amazed every day how different we are from each other, I am cute and smart actually very smart and him well he is homely and stupid. Sometimes on the boring side, I'm never boring I always know how to stir things up just for exercise.

By the time she feels like coming home I think I won't talk to her, this is my way of punishing her for leaving us. I usually stop talking to her for a couple of days to a week depending on how pissed I am at her. That will fix her I'll just ignore her and she hates that.

Otherwise there is not much happening around here besides this new cat who keeps teasing me. She walks on top of the fence and looks in the window with that smirk only cats have. I can't get to her and she knows it, if I could I would just jump on her and fur would fly. But all I could do is bark at her and try and scare her, unfortunately the bark tactic only worked once, she jumped off that fence....Ha Ha Ha it was so funny she jumped up with her back arched and totally freaked out. But now she knows I can't get out, mommy is not here to let me out or to chase that stupid cat away.

I see these lost cat signs all over they even dropped one in the front yard, but quite frankly who the heck can recognize a cat? They all look alike .... CATS!

Friday, October 27, 2006

A little culture in North Carolina

What a nice museum! I was absolutely amazed at the collection they presented 50 paintings in all. I've never seen that many Monet paintings in one place outside of Paris. The presentation was very nice, the southern hospitality was lovely and over all a great afternoon.

The rest of the museum was interesting also very nice collection of European Art and the building is very modern and very spacious. There is a restaurant so one can have some green fried tomato sandwiches. It is the south so the frying is obligatory.

Monet painted the same scene over and over and the Rouen Cathedral is the most important of these obsessions, both because it is the largest (thirty paintings in all) and because it is the only series in which all the pictures represent an identical motif. Here, the Gothic architecture is no longer a subject, but a motif and a pretext for the spectacular depiction of instantaneous impressions, an idea by which Monet was obsessed. The thick, crude brush-strokes suggest the texture of the stone as it literally traps the light which falls upon it.

I did learn something new the tin tube was invented by a man from South Carolina! John G. Rand invented the collapsible metal paint tube—and suddenly paint became portable. Now the impressionists could leave the studio and academic painting behind.

Moving outdoors!

This great invention changed the art scene combined with new pigments invented the change was revolutionary. Before this the painters were trapped inside because the paint was not portable and it was very difficult to get all the paints outside. After the tin tube they became mobile and were able to go outside or any place they wanted to.

Who knew, I must have been sleeping while this lecture was happening in my art education.

NC Art Museum, Raleigh, North Carolina
Musée Marmottan
Musée d'Orsay, Paris
The Louvre
Szepmuveszeti Museum, Budapest
LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shuttles & Needles & Hooks

It's called Shuttles & Needles & Hooks
214 East Chatham Street
Cary, North Carolina 27511 (adjacent to Raleigh)

Owned by this lovely lady named Carol, has been here in this same old house for 17 years. Frankly when I asked her how long she had been here I expected her to say 40 years at least but no only 17 years. The place is loaded with all kinds of yarn and looms and anything you could think of for knitting or weaving looms etc.

This is an old house converted to a business location, a two story structure complete with a full bath upstairs with an old enamel bathtub. Room after room after room chuck full of stuff.

Every possible spot is full the yarn is from the usual brands to obscure brands I've never heard of she also sells yarn by the ounce from cones. Lots of books and just loaded with charm.

When I told the ladies there that I was from California one of them asked me if the yarn stores were "cool" in L.A.? My answer was that none of them were as "cool" as this place.

I bought some sock yarn and some shortie double pointed addi needles. The prices were not cheap, maybe if you dig and find some bargains but mostly (manufacturers suggested prices) because of all the shopping I've already done I only walked out with some sock yarn.


Local Yarn Shop Reviews - North Carolina

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hungarian national anthem

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm waiting to hear from Mommy

Oh I'm so worried mommy packed a suitcase and left, she told me she would send an eMail and I can't read it. I told her many times to just send pictures! But oh no she is not listening to me and why does that not surprise me? I even asked the boy to help me but he is just worthless, he is just so Low Tech!

Maybe tomorrow she will come back, we're running out of chicken and some of the other stuff she makes. Also as much as I hate to admit this I'm getting a little bit itchy and kind of dirty so I wish she would hurry up and give me a bath. I can't even believe that I just wrote that!

The worried Bitch.

I'm so depressed, we are alone all day and I miss my mommy I hope she comes home soon.

The boy.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

To Steek or not to Steek?

That is the question!

This is what it looked like before steeking.

What is Steeking? In case you are not up to all the "knitty" Language, it is cutting a piece of knitted garment as if it was "fabric".

In other words just cut off the bits you don't like. I figured this will either turn out great or I'll have to chalk it up to an experiment which went wrong. But I think it worked. I must say it is nerve racking to take that first snip, hours and hours of knitting coming undone is the vision one has.

I folded the part I did not like and I crochet an edge and hand sewed along the top edge, zig zagging with a machine was just not an option because of the bulk. So hand sewing it is.

The reason is that I was just not comfortable with the little "chuchy" "V" in the front and it made the front much heavier than the back so as I was wearing it the front got longer and longer and the symmetry was just off. "Frogging" (ripping it apart and starting over) was just not an option. The yarn is delicate and it would not hold up well and besides I already sewed it up so well that it is almost impossible to undo the sewing. So I STEEKED!

Thank you Ellene Warren
Ellene just informed me that what I did was not called "steeking" what I did was "cut 'n sew".

Well there you have it, I'm not quite up to the Knittese terms.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cotton Flake & Rayon Metallic Top

I got the yarn and the pattern looked good so I started right in last Sunday. Knit, Knit, Knit, like I was on a schedule but I really liked what was developing. It's like a big puzzle when I follow someone's design. I'm never quite sure what it's going to actually look like.

Here is the picture what it's supposed to look like:
Well I always have to tweak it a little so I added a bit more room in the front with this "short row" bit which added just enough drape in the front. I have some yarn left over I think enough for a little shawl, so I will be knitting a shawl to go with this.

I just have to sew up the seams on the side, it's knitted from side to side and it feels and drapes wonderfully when I tried it on. It looks better on me than the dummy. I'm a little bigger than my dummy, I should get a fatter dummy or lose some weight. But today this is what I have a skinny dummy and a fat owner. The bonus is it can be worn either way, front or back and it looks good, I guess it will depend on my mood, so this top does not have an official front or back, it just depends.....

Blue Heron yarn is wonderful I really like this brand. I know I will wear this piece often. Six days to completion is pretty good on this one, but when a project starts taking shape and I really like it I seem to get excited and knit even faster.

View all Blue Heron Patterns Barbara Lundy Stone offers on her CD
Blue Heron Yarns

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Bitch hates the post man/woman

Look what came in the mail! I love getting boxes in the mail.

From Blue Heron, beautiful yarn....I can hardly wait to start knitting this project.

From the Bitch:

Boy am I glad she is letting me post today, this has been bugging me forever! I am totally fed up with the Mail Man or Woman, actually I hate the BAG! I have told them that I do not want any mail and if they could just stay away from my house I would appreciate it. I was nice about it at first but now I am fed up!

I bark as loud as I can I run up and down the yard I try and get my brother to join me but he is so lame that he only manages to get a bark or two out and then loses enthusiasm. I don't know why he likes these horrible people when I hate them so much who knows what goes on in his empty head!

Today the mail man brought a package and it was full of yarn! Guess who's package it was? Just what we need more of in this house.... yarn. Like she does not have enough yarn already, but that's another story at another time if she lets me post again. She calls it her "stash"! This is outrageous she keeps buying stuff and the mail man brings it to her. Well this pisses me off to no end.

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it. I am at my wits end with her and the mail man.

The Bitch

A note from the boy...

Oh I'm so happy to see mommy so excited with her new box! She had a big smile on her face, whatever is in the box she must like very much! I am happy when she is happy.

The Boy

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Real Men Knit

Monday, October 09, 2006

Had a great weekend

Nothing like feeling bad to make you appreciate how good it is to feel almost normal. Finally got out of the house and started knitting, buying more yarn seeing knitting buddies etc.

Met up with my good friend Ellen Bloom, "L.A. Is My Beat" a must read blog. She is so L.A.! When I found this rhinestone "LA" pin, I just had to get it for Ellen so we met up at a local swap meet and here she is modeling her new pin! We were very busy rummaging through all the "Bling Bling" costume jewelry.

This is the treasure I found at the swap meet:

Can you guess what it is? A small tiny crochet hook with a little bone handle. Great for picking up those dropped stitches.

If you want to know what is going on in Los Angeles Ellen's Blog is your must read, she reviews Restaurants, Art events, Museums, Movies etc. Ellen loves L.A. and enjoys all the eclectic happenings in and around our town. She takes wonderful pictures and when I read her blog I always feel like I was there at the event. Kudos Ellen!

I'm able to knit again....

Shish that was close, being so ill that I was not even able to knit! I went through withdrawls. So as soon as I could knit I was knitting with vengence.

Here is my new Cotton Socks.

My basic Sock Pattern that I use, I have this commited to memory and just create different stitch patterns or whatever I feel like adding in to the mix. But basically this is the pattern, it's top down and is very basic and I use 5 double pointed needles.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This one you won't believe!

Finally she is feeling better, and suddenly she decides that I'm dirty again. What is this with this obsession with cleanliness? How could I be dirty we've been in bed for a week. I barely got to go outside for a few minutes. But she captures me and into the shower we go! Oy! Do I have to?

Ok fine so I let her massage and fluff and dry...dry...and then she commands me to lay down and starts cutting my hair! OMG I have a hairdresser thank you.

My hairdresser's name is Oodle and he works at Tender Loving Care "Pet Grooming & Spa". A really nice little beauty shop, friendly staff very nice clientele, lots of those fru fru poodle's and other very sophisticated pets. It's not quite in Beverly Hills but on the edge on "Little Santa Monica Blvd." I'm pretty pleased with the place and they are always happy to see me. I always love the gossip in there, what goes on you won't believe! Those poodle's always have wonderful stories to tell.

Well she decided that it was too much money to spend on us to take us to the hairdressers so she is now going to cut my hair. ...Too Much Money? ....She probably wants more Yarn! She can't fool me!....

The humiliation! What will all my friends think when they see me all chopped to pieces. I'm going to have a permanent bad hair day, she mind as well just shave my whole body and call me a hairless mutt. Lhasa Apso's are supposed to have long hair!

Oh one of these days, I swear will get back at her!

The Bitch
From the boy:

I am so lucky mommy is going to cut my hair! I get to spend more time with mommy and don't have to go to that stuck up place with all that gossip and hair do's .... give me a break. Those poodle's just talk and talk and never shut up. Please! Who cares who sleeps with who!

I just want my hair cut plain and simple. Oh mommy must love me very much to take the time to wash me and cut my hair.

The boy.

Tender Loving Care

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Can't Knit, Can't watch tv, I'm down....

Oh my I'm sick, got the flu! I first had the killer spinach bug and now this is the double whammy. I have not been this ill for a long time. High temperature head and body aching.... all I could do is to put myself to bed and ride out the "storm". So the Bitch and I are resting in bed.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Koigu - Garden Green Sock Finished

Finished what do you think?

I did these socks in sections both socks worked at the same time. On two different set of needles and two different balls of yarn.

As I was knitting on these socks the other day at Stitches From the Heart sitting around the table, there was a lady there knitting socks. She was a very powerful personality. Considered herself an expert knitter and a knitter who takes "commissions"! Wow so she is a knitting Pro!

But the problem was that she kind of had the My Way is the Best kind of attitude, and I so am not that way. I say in knitting there are No Rules as far as I'm concerned. Mistakes can turn into an element of design, (there are exceptions) I like to "step out of the box" as often as possible. Make things the way I want and mostly have a practical use.

Here are the "blemishes" that my evil twin threw in:

Knitting along and suddenly I throw in 6 purl stitches:

Oh well only my evil twin will notice it the minute I put it on.

I have a more detailed description on my Sock Blog

Tools I use

I'm going to start posting about some of the tools that I use for knitting. Tools can make a project or turn it into a struggle and the final outcome can be a mess. Many years ago somebody told me the "you are as good as your tools" and I never forgot that.

I like gadgets anyway so for me it's kind of easy to "tool up" for a project. My mother used to say "you always have such elegant tools". She meant that whenever I was making anything I would try and gather the proper tools that I thought I needed.

One of the newer things/gadgets I got was this thing:

What is it you ask? Well you mount it on a table and thread the yarn through the little slot and it counts the yardage. Sometimes I just can not tell how many yards I have when I look at a ball of yarn and it does not have a label or it comes in a hank etc. Weight is good and the ladies at my local yarn store swear by the scale in managing how much yarn you have but that is just illogical to me.

I have this kitchen scale but I only use it for food.

My theory is the old "what weighs more a ton of led or a ton of feathers?" So for me it's the yardage that makes the difference. So I was happy as can be with my KnitPicks yarn meter that I bought for $49.99 plus tax and shipping and was very smug with the whole system.

Then somebody pointed out that fisherman use that very same meter and you can buy it for $12 dollars in a fishing supply store. Well another lesson learned indeed it is the exact same meter that I paid 50 bucks for but it did have a kind of primitive wooden mounting stand, but I'm sure the fishing one I could have mounted it somewhere especially with my dear husband is so handy with this sort of things.

Oh well if I ever need another I know now where to go to get it. The tool is very useful it does measure things in feet and I do have to convert it to yards but I have my handy dandy calculator for that. So now when I have a ball of yarn and I don't know how many yards there is I have my meter to measure with. As Martha Stewart would say "It's a good thing!"

Knit Picks
Bass Pro