Monday, October 02, 2006

Koigu - Garden Green Sock Finished

Finished what do you think?

I did these socks in sections both socks worked at the same time. On two different set of needles and two different balls of yarn.

As I was knitting on these socks the other day at Stitches From the Heart sitting around the table, there was a lady there knitting socks. She was a very powerful personality. Considered herself an expert knitter and a knitter who takes "commissions"! Wow so she is a knitting Pro!

But the problem was that she kind of had the My Way is the Best kind of attitude, and I so am not that way. I say in knitting there are No Rules as far as I'm concerned. Mistakes can turn into an element of design, (there are exceptions) I like to "step out of the box" as often as possible. Make things the way I want and mostly have a practical use.

Here are the "blemishes" that my evil twin threw in:

Knitting along and suddenly I throw in 6 purl stitches:

Oh well only my evil twin will notice it the minute I put it on.

I have a more detailed description on my Sock Blog


AR said...

So pretty! Who needs rules in knitting? Not me. I've been told by people that I don't knit right. Whatever! If it turns out ok, little imperfections and all, then I say I did it right.

Craftybernie said...

These are gorgeous! I want to knit socks now.... harumph :(

That lady sounds too assertive. I wish I had that confidence when it came to some of the things I do in life... y'know, but without the agression.

Little imperfections make a project yours - call them personal design elements. Anyway, who's going to get THAT close to your feet. But I know it can niggle away at you when you know there is a teensy little imperfection.

They're still beautiful though. Enjoy.

KnittenKnots said...

I love the colors in those socks. And really who is ever going to know that you accidentally put 6 purl stitches in? Well, all of us know now but you told us so that is different. :-) Oh, nothing puts a bigger damper on a knitting party than an "expert" sharing their thoughts on what everyone is doing wrong. My personal favorite is when you're trying to show a new knitter the basics - cast on, knit, purl - and the expert pipes up with the "better" way to do the cast on, oh - you should be knitting continental it's faster, etc., etc. which ultimately results in a new knitter who is confused and overloaded with info. Wow - I guess that touched a sore spot - LOL!