Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm waiting to hear from Mommy

Oh I'm so worried mommy packed a suitcase and left, she told me she would send an eMail and I can't read it. I told her many times to just send pictures! But oh no she is not listening to me and why does that not surprise me? I even asked the boy to help me but he is just worthless, he is just so Low Tech!

Maybe tomorrow she will come back, we're running out of chicken and some of the other stuff she makes. Also as much as I hate to admit this I'm getting a little bit itchy and kind of dirty so I wish she would hurry up and give me a bath. I can't even believe that I just wrote that!

The worried Bitch.

I'm so depressed, we are alone all day and I miss my mommy I hope she comes home soon.

The boy.


Craftybernie said...

Never mind. Grab a box of scoobie snacks and kick back on the sofa.

Yarnartist said...

Isn't that just like a kid. they mouth off to you until they run out of food or need your help. Then they need you!
Hope you and your 'other boy' are having fun looking for apartments!

AR said...

Aww, poor lil' bitch. You're mommy'll be back soon.

Ellen Bloom said...

Love that photo of the Compu-Dog!