Monday, October 09, 2006

Had a great weekend

Nothing like feeling bad to make you appreciate how good it is to feel almost normal. Finally got out of the house and started knitting, buying more yarn seeing knitting buddies etc.

Met up with my good friend Ellen Bloom, "L.A. Is My Beat" a must read blog. She is so L.A.! When I found this rhinestone "LA" pin, I just had to get it for Ellen so we met up at a local swap meet and here she is modeling her new pin! We were very busy rummaging through all the "Bling Bling" costume jewelry.

This is the treasure I found at the swap meet:

Can you guess what it is? A small tiny crochet hook with a little bone handle. Great for picking up those dropped stitches.

If you want to know what is going on in Los Angeles Ellen's Blog is your must read, she reviews Restaurants, Art events, Museums, Movies etc. Ellen loves L.A. and enjoys all the eclectic happenings in and around our town. She takes wonderful pictures and when I read her blog I always feel like I was there at the event. Kudos Ellen!

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Ellen Bloom said...

Oh Ana! You are toooooo kind! Thanks for all the blog-compliments! I love YOUR blog for it's great photography, faboo yarn and pattern info and of course all the doggie news at Chez Petrova!