Friday, October 06, 2006

This one you won't believe!

Finally she is feeling better, and suddenly she decides that I'm dirty again. What is this with this obsession with cleanliness? How could I be dirty we've been in bed for a week. I barely got to go outside for a few minutes. But she captures me and into the shower we go! Oy! Do I have to?

Ok fine so I let her massage and fluff and dry...dry...and then she commands me to lay down and starts cutting my hair! OMG I have a hairdresser thank you.

My hairdresser's name is Oodle and he works at Tender Loving Care "Pet Grooming & Spa". A really nice little beauty shop, friendly staff very nice clientele, lots of those fru fru poodle's and other very sophisticated pets. It's not quite in Beverly Hills but on the edge on "Little Santa Monica Blvd." I'm pretty pleased with the place and they are always happy to see me. I always love the gossip in there, what goes on you won't believe! Those poodle's always have wonderful stories to tell.

Well she decided that it was too much money to spend on us to take us to the hairdressers so she is now going to cut my hair. ...Too Much Money? ....She probably wants more Yarn! She can't fool me!....

The humiliation! What will all my friends think when they see me all chopped to pieces. I'm going to have a permanent bad hair day, she mind as well just shave my whole body and call me a hairless mutt. Lhasa Apso's are supposed to have long hair!

Oh one of these days, I swear will get back at her!

The Bitch
From the boy:

I am so lucky mommy is going to cut my hair! I get to spend more time with mommy and don't have to go to that stuck up place with all that gossip and hair do's .... give me a break. Those poodle's just talk and talk and never shut up. Please! Who cares who sleeps with who!

I just want my hair cut plain and simple. Oh mommy must love me very much to take the time to wash me and cut my hair.

The boy.

Tender Loving Care


Sharon said...

Oh that is so cute!!

AR said...

Haha, the B and the B are adorable!

Yarnartist said...

Hi Ana,
Glad you are feeling better.
I had a poodle before I had a child and I always cut his hair. It was great practice for my kid! He has never been in a barber shop in his life except to get his hair braided a couple of times. He gets mad when I tell him I got my training for cutting his African hair by working on a poodle!
I think you could write a book by B & B! they are most amuzing.
Love, E.

Stephanie said...

The haircuts are very cute --- nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Oh but sweetie, you look adorable!