Sunday, October 29, 2006

By the time she gets home....

I am just totally fed up with her, she is gone and left us. Just went off to who knows where and here we are in need of care and she is not here. I am so filthy that I'm even embarrassed to leave the house. I'm almost tempted to jump in the ocean just to get some of this filth off my poor sensitive skin and fur. As scared as I am of the fish pond in the front yard I'm tempted to jump in there. My brother jumps in once in a while and everybody goes biserk! I'm not even sure I know how to swim, he seems to have no problem swimming but I'm scared!

He is so silly, he loves the water! What is that all about? I hate the water where did he get his genes from? We are twins for goodness sake. I'm amazed every day how different we are from each other, I am cute and smart actually very smart and him well he is homely and stupid. Sometimes on the boring side, I'm never boring I always know how to stir things up just for exercise.

By the time she feels like coming home I think I won't talk to her, this is my way of punishing her for leaving us. I usually stop talking to her for a couple of days to a week depending on how pissed I am at her. That will fix her I'll just ignore her and she hates that.

Otherwise there is not much happening around here besides this new cat who keeps teasing me. She walks on top of the fence and looks in the window with that smirk only cats have. I can't get to her and she knows it, if I could I would just jump on her and fur would fly. But all I could do is bark at her and try and scare her, unfortunately the bark tactic only worked once, she jumped off that fence....Ha Ha Ha it was so funny she jumped up with her back arched and totally freaked out. But now she knows I can't get out, mommy is not here to let me out or to chase that stupid cat away.

I see these lost cat signs all over they even dropped one in the front yard, but quite frankly who the heck can recognize a cat? They all look alike .... CATS!

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Becka said...

LOL sounds like your pups are upset with you!