Friday, November 03, 2006

GPS the greatest invention since sliced bread!

I had a rental car with a GPS system in it WOW!
I will never travel without one. I'm usually pretty good navigating my way around but who needs a map when you can just type in your address and a lovely voice will tell you exactly where to go. Where have I been all this time ? My car at home does not have one and at home I really do not need it but when traveling it is the Greatest!

It even had an entry of "return the car to the car rental place". It really made a major difference I felt very secure in not getting lost and always finding my way back home. I may even have to get one just to have. I heard they even have some that have attitudes, I think I'd like that one.

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AR said...

What a great thingy. I am usually the map reader. Traveling all alone, that would be a "needed" item, I'd say!