Saturday, November 11, 2006

Payback's a Bitch

From the Bitch and the Boy about food....

You know I think SHE is pissed at me, I accidentally bit her last night I must say it was kind of cool how she jumped and how I scared the hell out of her but she got pissed. SHE knows that I don't go to bed until SHE goes to bed. Not like my stupid brother who goes to bed as soon as the sun goes down and will sleep long after sunrise! What is that all about but I digress....

So I'm waiting and waiting for her to go to bed so I could get some sleep, but NO she is staying up watching some stupid movie and knitting so boring. So I decided to go to the bedroom and wait for her by the door, I purposely laid right across the threshold so I would be sure to know when she comes to bed so I could finally go to bed. What do you think happened? SHE comes barging in the bedroom without turning the light on and steps right on my right little paw. So I BIT her! So there I said it.

I was kind of sorry after I did it from the way she way yelling it must have hurt her huge toe! Thank goodness I have a large mouth and some good teeth to protect myself. But now I think she is pissed off about the toe incident last night I heard her telling Papa that her toe hurt because I bit her. It was an accident darling! An Accident! And besides what about my poor little paw? I think I'm going to limp a little bit just to show her how much SHE hurt me!

So I'm asking for my breakfast this morning and she is hesitating telling me that it's too early to eat yet. Oh yes I woke her up early this morning I think it was around 4:30 am (hee, hee) just as a payback for hurting my little paw. But I was persistent and would not let her knit or enjoy her coffee or anything at all I WANT MY BREAKFAST! And I want it NOW! Finally she got our breakfast ready.

What ? I think she gave him more that she gave me! Life is so unfair.

The Bitch with a hurting paw!


Oh my I had such a good sleep last night, went to bed early and missed all the hoopla and slept in this morning! What a great life I have! When I got up breakfast was all ready for me and it was delicious! I love ground beef freshly made. Mommy must love me very much because she did give me just a little bit more than the Bitch got. I love my Mommy.

The content Boy

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