Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Class I'm Teaching: Paint Your Project

Painting Yarn Painlessly.

Let there be color!
Turn that boring shawl into something spectacular.

Non Toxic Permanent Acid Colors
Right in your kitchen
Using Food Coloring
Have you ever knit a garment and at the time the colors seemed ok but you never wear it? Maybe the color is just not right. After spending hours and hours of knitting it's a shame to "frog" it or give it away hoping somebody else might like it. I have the solution!

Paint Your Project!
No need to worry about toxic dyes that you may have to wear your mask and dedicated utensils etc. You can easily dye or paint your yarn or project right in your kitchen. Food Coloring!

Not toxic yet it's a permanent pigment that tints animal fibers. It is a PERMANENT dye! That is the number one question I am asked, will it wash right out? NO it's permanent. 
Will it fade fast? Not any different than other acid dyes, some colors fade faster than others and it depends on the "wear and tear" and soaps, sun exposure and such. Some wool breeds hold color better than others and the technique you use may differ as well.

It will not work on cotton, rayon or acrylics. Only protein fibers but boy does it work on those!

The inspiration was this beautiful silk scarf I have and every time I wear it I get many compliments. Why not have a shawl with these colors! So I knit a swatch with natural wool and started painting. I left a portion un-painted so we could see the dramatic difference.

Save the date:

April 28, 2013

Where: Newton's Spring Fling Seminar
in Anaheim, California
(close to Disneyland)

Enrollment limited call to reserve a space: 714-634-9116

Friday, March 08, 2013

Why didn't I think of this?

Just a little humor for Friday!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Rusty Wings

I'm calling this project "Rusty Wings". Maybe not that original but naming projects can be an art in itself. It's another Winged Vest but in the orange & rust hues. I'm knitting this one so I can fine tune the pattern. I am determined to write this pattern for publication. I've had so many requests for it that this one may be worth while sharing. 

I write patterns of my designs but most of the time it's just for my own records. If in case I want to make another project I can refer back to my notes. That is why I started this blog, was not available yet and I wanted access to my knitting notes online. I was tired of searching around for the bits of paper or notebook or napkin that I took notes on. Create a blog! Great idea!

They asked what I wanted to call my blog and AnaBanana was a nickname for obvious rhyming reasons so I went with BananaKnits. Some old friends still refer to me as "The Banana". I guess no matter how old you get certain nicknames stick. Like Shrimpie in Downton Abbey, I did not like the season ending by the way but I digress.....

Often it's just several photographs to track what I've done. I use the camera as a tool helping me to remember details. It's easier to search my iPhoto library than looking for notes on paper that I may or may not have filed in the right place.  I will photograph my progress and embed texted details. 

What yarn did I use? Where did I get it? In this case it was And what size needles I used. I have interchangeable needles and have both metal and bamboo sets. (size 5) I discovered that I really like knitting with one bamboo needle and one metal needle. I'm not exactly sure why but it seems to feel better than bamboo against bamboo or metal on metal. Go figure. If it works I'm going with it.