Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing all a very Happy Healthy 
& Prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I think I'll start my annual New Years resolution early.

Health: No SUGAR!
Take a walk every day!

Use my yarn stash instead of buying new yarn or fiber!
Finish projects put on Hiatus or "frog".

Put a smile on my face even if I don't feel like it.

Ok I'm off for my walk now, my dog Lucy is ecstatic about this!

Location:Venice Beach, California

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What makes a good purse: My opinion Don't buy a Brighton!

If you type in "what makes a good purse" and search the world wide web, my blog entry I wrote about "what makes a good purse" comes up second of the many thousands of links around the world.

When I look at my blog stats one of the most visited page is the "what makes a good purse" entry. I am now revisiting this subject and in my revised opinion customer service is the number one requirement. When I purchase a bag that I've carefully chosen and it comes with a warranty I expect that warranty to be honored!

Here is my rant:
Many years ago I purchased a Brighton Bag, I loved that bag. It was when Brighton first started selling purses. The serial number is #1,580, I think we paid around $100 dollars for it about 20 years ago. It was sort of a sentimental bag because it was the last time my mom and I went shopping together and she actually bought this purse for me. She told me that each time I wear and touch this bag I will think of her. I really did not need a purse to remind me of her or think of her I miss her very much and many things make me think of her each and every day. 

My mom died but the purse survived cherished and put away and lovingly kept as that memory of her and I shopping at a mall that very last time. I have the original box and have kept it all these years. I loved the idea that Brighton guaranteed the bag and when the strap started to frey I sent it back and they replaced the strap as if the bag was brand new. That was years ago and I have not actually worn this bag for years. 

There is a Brighton store here in Marina Del Rey and I always like to look around at all the pretty shiny stuff. The smiling sales lady asked if she could help me and I mentioned how well these purses are made and that I had one from 20 years ago with the serial #1,580 which means it was the first batch of purses they made. She cheerily told me to bring it in and have it professionally cleaned. You know this is the guarantee that Brighton purses have for life. 

How nice I thought, great I'll bring it in and have it cleaned. Although I was a bit hesitant what if they loose it, oh I should not be that attached to sentimental things anyway. I promptly took out my camera and took pictures to have a record. The manager cheerily gave me a receipt and told me that they would call me when it was ready. 

They called me all right.....

This afternoon I got a phone call from Brighton, they want $45 dollars for cleaning my purse. Because they can not find this number in the system. I would think not, their system was not quite the same 20 years ago! I'm going over there to collect my purse and will clean it myself. 

I'll probably never wear this purse because it's quite heavy as most of Brighton bags and not that practical. Twenty years later I've become much more practical and have many more purse requirements than I did back then. Number one is the warranty and number two workmanship, light weight, easy to get into and a good closure. Made of hight quality long lasting materials.

My current very favorite bags are, U.S. made and the workmanship is beautiful and the customer service is superb. There is a Mr. Tom Bihn who still works at his store in Seattle and thoughtfully designs his bags for function and quality.

Tom Bihn makes knitting bags and many other styles. I now own several of Tom Bihn bags and love carrying them.

I have this bag in green, LOVE

I still like a bit of flash and have a new JoAnne Page bag in this wild color that seems to go with everything. JoAnne designs and makes her own beautiful soft as "butter" leather bags and her customer service is wonderful. 

Do you have a favorite purse? Tell me about it! Leave me a comment.