Thursday, October 20, 2016

Designing a new project

I'm calling this new project Veska. My naming game is a whole other story, sometime I'll write about it. To be able to identify which project is which, each project needs a name. Sometimes my pick is a good one and other times I have no idea why I picked that name. I usually try to pick a name that is catchy, that has a sense of humor also has some meaning to me.

This is a project that I've already made once or twice, but I wanted a new version of it. The vest I'm wearing in the picture below is very warm, it is too hot for our climate. I wanted to make a sweater version and a lighter smaller gauge. I think I want sleeves this time but I'm leaving that decision till later. I may be satisfied with a vest. I'm not sure if I have enough yarn for the sleeves and if I could do stripes to stretch the yardage or how that may look. 

These are the numbered "standard" knitting yarn measurements. The bulkier (fatter) the yarn usually makes the garment warmer. This vest I'm wearing is made with #4 or worsted weight wool, and has a felted collar. It is warm, even without sleeves. 

The new project is #1 sock yarn, much finer and lighter weight. I need to make some design adjustments to accommodate this fine yarn. 

I will post the progress.