Monday, April 09, 2012

Dyeing As if the Earth Mattered.

I am going to this workshop on Shaw Island, WA. and I can hardly wait. Since I've started to dye and spin my own fiber, it has expanded my yarn choices beyond those I could find commercially. It used to take me months and sometimes years to find the exact color weight & content fiber for a particular project I had in mind.

I love the title of this workshop:

"Dyeing As If the Earth Mattered"
Dyeing As If The Earth Mattered with Michelle Wipplinger
Thursday to Saturday, May 10-12, 2012
Shaw Island Community Center

Michele will host a 3 day workshop entitled, "Dyeing As If the Earth Mattered".  The workshop will serves as an introduction to dyeing with natural dye extracts on silk, cotton and wool yarn. Two different colors will be obtained from a single dyebath and then a reserved sample of each color will be overdyed in indigo. Participants get 20+ different colors on each fiber type.

Michelle Wipplinger is an author, educator, photographer and master dyer and designer with over thirty years experience in natural dyes. Michelle trained in France and Switzerland with noted natural master dyes, and developed her style of dyeing that yields beautiful, repeatable hues using only non-toxic alum mordants. In 1992 she introduced the concept of natural dye extracts that yielded brilliant, consistent, lightfast hues that were safe and easy to useMichele is founder and president of Earthues.  

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Another Swirly Swirl

I've written the pattern now it's being tested. It's only fair that I test and retest the pattern over and over. This one I call #55