Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm watching YOU!

More notes from the Bitch:

She does not think that I know what she is up to, I can tell by the shoes she is wearing where she is going. At home she wears casual "at home shoes". She sometimes tries to fool me with this one but I know I'm also telapathic.

By looking at her feet after all I am "height challenged" but the shoes are the easiest way for me to judge weather she is leaving the compound or just going outside or lounging around.

The shoes always gives it away, and when she starts spraying her hair then I know for sure she is going to get in the car and leave. But she always comes back, as much as I enjoy my private time at home I kind of miss her and I do get excited to see if she brought back some food!

The fool that I am I keep thinking that this time she may have brought back something that I actually like. None of that "Organic" crap, I like chemicals! I have tried to explain to her that those "Birkenstock Sandal Wearing" Organic bunch hanging out at the Co-Op have horrible food! Again you can tell a lot about what shoes people wear.

Think about it, yes I always judge a person by their shoes! That saying that you can't judge a book by the cover is just silly. I say you can judge a person by the shoes they are wearing.

But I digress, I was talking about that tasteless food she gets me at the "Health Food" store, sometimes they even have tofu in them! I am not a Vegetarian for goodness sake, stop with vegan crap. I'm embarressed that she calls them a chewey. What is wrong with the good old Pig's ear that I love, or some of those stinky animal products they sell at the pet store. I am a Pet you know.

I confess my all time favorites are the Greenies. I looove the greenies, I pray she will bring home some greenies.

The Queen Bitch.

Now from the boy:
I love everything mommy brings home and gives me. She must love me very much to go out of her way to get Organic food for me. She even goes to that weird store to get special treats that have no nasty chemicals in them. Oooh I'm so lucky.

The boy.

Birkenstock Shoes
Non Organic Dog Treats

Project Funway...

Somehow I got hooked! These reality shows I swore I would not get sucked in but I did. Season one went by and I didn't even glance. Then I saw a repeat of one of the shows and thought gee that looks like fun and the new season 3 was about to start.

Tuned in just to check it out and I was fascinated and could hardly wait for the next episode. Although watching the "marathon" of all the shows at once was kind of fun. Great show to knit to, especially for a "designer at heart" person.

So here I am discussing the show with a couple of friends as if we knew these people. Blogging about it, joining in the discussions on Knitter's Review making comments on others who blog about it etc. The show is produced very nicely to get their audience to be familiar with each contestant, the way they get them to "dish" each other and to voice their opinions and to show their creative progressions.

I like it, I'm even getting inspired finding myself saying I could have done a better job than that. But of course talk is cheap, what they are doing is not an easy task. Oh look how ugly or wow that is really nice. I'm sitting in my knitting chair fascinated with a reality show! Go figure.

Maybe the bitch is right, I am Crazy!

Heidi is beautiful although I don't know who dresses her, some of her outfits should have been "Auf Wiedersehen!" but she is pregnant half of the time so I'll give her a pass. How she pulls this off with all these pregnancies I don't know but Kudos to Heidi. I think that makes it 3 kids under the age of 3 even with help and nannies is impressive. Tim Gunn is charming and so together and slick. The boys over at "Project RunGay" just love him.

The show is a runaway hit in West Hollywood over in "boys town" Wednesday night has become a party night to get together and watch the show.

See each of the designers from season 3 and the whole collection can be seen on the New York Magazine site. My personal favorite is Ulrike Herzner. I pick her to be the winner.

Laura second, and the two guys I was not impressed. Jeffrey lost his edge and Michael designs for hookers. Just my opinion.


The Project Rungay boys

From the Bitch about television

She watches the most boring shows on television, honestly all I can do is sit next to her and snooze. They all bore me to death! Her taste is just awful, I've tried and tried to ask her to watch something exciting but no the only way I get to see anything good is if it's on accidentally or if I'm forced to watch tv with Papa. But Papa uses the clicker like it was going out of style and I get dizzy from trying to watch all the channels and with the cable thing she got there are hundreds of them.

Last night I heard barking so naturally I woke up and looked and to my chagrin she was watching the Emmy-nominated show on National Geographic Channel, some guy named Cesar Millan "The Dog Whisperer" supposed to be an expert in dog psychology! Dog psychology, just what I need for her to pick up some stupid ideas about being a dog trainer. She already thinks she's training me but we all know that I've trained her.

I must say those dogs on tv were CRAZY and they did need therapy. Poor things, one was running obsessively so much that he wore out a path in the back yard. Do you know what they did to him? They put him on a treadmill! Now I ask you who is crazy here? At least the poor pooch was pacing on real dirt and a very nice yard but the treadmill is boring. I remember when she got her treadmill and tried to put me on it, I've told you before she is CRAZY too. Dogs do not belong on a treadmill! I'm not even sure people do.

What is wrong with the great outdoors I ask?

While watching tv she was knitting some wool socks, what she needs wool socks for in Southern California I don't know but they looked kind of pretty. I heard her tell somebody that the yarn was this expensive stuff called Koigu whatever that is and I have to admit it feels like "butter" as you know who would say. While she was knitting I tried to sit on the ball of yarn on the floor just to mess with her this amuses me to no end.

Then she made a mistake, she thought it was her Evil Twin but I was sending the messages mentally. I know she was knitting so I kept thinking PURL, PURL... Sure enough she did 5 purl stitches amongst all the knits. Now she is too far to frog the sock (I like the ring to that, "frog the sock" you know they call it frogging because of "rip it, rip it" like a frog would say) so every time she wears it she will see the "mistake" because I made sure it was on the very top in a real obvious place!

That is all,
The Bitch

And from the boy:
I went to bed early, I don't watch television. I like to go to bed early and get up late.


Friday, September 29, 2006

My evil twin...

It seems that each project I knit somehow somewhere there is a little mistake. As if I get possesed and totally taken over by my evil twin. I throw in an extra purl where there should be knit stitch or a knit where there shoud be a purl stitch.

I love garter stitch projects like Hanne Falkenberg's knits and you just knit and knit and all the stitches are knit no purling anywhere. Thousands and thousands of knit stitches. You would think that I would be used to knitting and yet every once in a while I will throw in a purl stitch not too many but maybe 5 or 6 and not notice this till way past the spot. I try and "admire" my work often but somehow when my evil twin takes over I am powerless.

You may think that this is just to "cover" up my "mistakes" but not at all I am a "perfection knitter", (self proclaimed) it is my evil twin, honest! If you knew her you would understand, I try and keep her locked up but she is clever and does get out once in a while.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Spa time....

My dogs like to blog sometimes and I let them.

From the boy:

Finally, I get to have a bath! I love to take baths, I get a massage my mommy rubs me and puts that great smelling shampoo on me and oooh that wonderful warm water. This is a great shower mommy designed just for washing us, she must love us very much. After the shower I get rubbed and then brushed and the hot air from the hair dryer is my absolute favorite.

I don't even have to worry about the Bitch coming around being mean to me because she is hiding! She hates baths, what a fool baths are the best. I should try and get more dirty so I get to have baths more often. Now my hair is so fluffy and I smell so good and my mommy always hugs and kisses me when I'm clean. She says there is nothing like "mushing" a clean puppy.

I am such a lucky dog to have such a wonderful mommy. Now I must go and take a nap I am exhausted from all this activity. I'll write again.

The lucky boy.

Then from his sister the "bitch" sitting in my "knitting" chair, because she does not like me to knit but that is another story:

OMG, I know she is going to want to give me a bath, I can read HER mind. Early this morning I saw HER with MY towels. SHE does not know that I know where she keeps my towels, and she thinks that I don't notice that she gets the towels ready. Like I don't know that after the towels come out it's THE BATH TORTURE! I don't know why she insists on doing this to me, I clean my face and rub myself in the dirt everyday! For goodness sake, I'm not a human, I don't need SHAMPOO... and the fragrance of that shampoo, I just hate it I've asked her to get me something that I like but no she always picks something SHE likes.

Somehow she always finds me no matter how hard I try and hide, she is so big and so crazy! CRAZY! Does she not understand that I don't want to get wet! Although I do like it when I'm fluffy and the dry dry routine she gives me with the blow dryer is not too bad. But that shower, she sits there and just hoses me off how humiliating is that? I ask you how would you like to be "hosed" off? I'm surprised she doesn't drag out the hose outside in the yard.

Sometimes I start screaming even before the water touches me, then just to humiliate me she looks at me with that disgusted look and reminds me that the water has not even touched me and I'm screaming. Shames me into shutting up. Finally I relax and resign myself to the torture. Thank God it's over fairly quickly! Now she might leave me alone! I just know she will want to hug me and "mush" me and I suppose I'll have to endure that too.

Well thank God that is over! I think I'll prance around the house singing.

I'm so pretty, look at me I'm all fluffy and smell good and clean, and I'm cleaner than he is. I can hardly wait to go outside and dig up some dirt to make my fur even more fluffy

The Queen Dog

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Political Crisis in Hungary

As you may already know from previous posts that I am Hungarian. Born in Budapest and escaped during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. We are coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Revolution. I'm going to post some pictures and stories to honor that huge event in my life.

I'm kind of torn about this post because after all this is a knitting blog but it is my knitting blog and my world and opinions. The things I write about are events and subjects that interests me at the time. With this anniversary coming up a lot of emotions are stirred up for me. At the age of 14 my mother and father and I escaped from our home in Budapest. By January 1957 we arrived in sunny Southern California with $30 dollars and a change of clothes.

But first I need to talk about the Crisis happening in Hungary politically. I am so sad to see these pictures coming out of Budapest.. Thousands of people are out in the streets protesting and it turned violent, people died and many were injured.

Democracy is relatively new in Hungary and I guess this is a huge "shock" to the Hungarians, the politicians lied! Having lived in the U.S. for all these years my reaction was yeah... and your point.... but to the Hungarians this is an outrage!

The last election the Socialist won and it was an upset, now it turns out that they lied, they lied morning, noon and night... anything to win the election and to be in power!

BUDAPEST, Hungary - Opposition parties Monday demanded the resignation of the prime minister after he admitted in leaked comments that his government had "lied in the morning, in the evening and at night" about the state of the economy. In a recording made in May and leaked Sunday, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany told deputies of his Socialist Party that they had to end their duplicitous ways. Gyurcsany said that Hungary had managed to keep its economy afloat only thanks to "divine providence, the abundance of cash in the world economy and hundreds of tricks." "I almost died because for a year and a half, we had to pretend that we were governing. Instead, we lied in the morning, in the evening and at night. I don't want to do this anymore," Gyurcsany is heard saying on the tape. President Laszlo Solyom said there was a "moral crisis" in Hungary and called on the prime minister to recognize that he had jeopardized people's faith in democracy. At the same time, hundreds of protesters remained outside parliament, also calling for Gyurcsany's ouster.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Abbot Kinney Festival 2006

Our Annual Abbot Kinney Festival, Venice Beach, California.

The weather was perfect, "Goldie Locks" weather. Not too hot and not too cold, just comfortable. It was sunny and a nice breeze came from the ocean. I guess that is one of the reasons we all flock to Southern California because of our weather.

A professional knitter friend of mine had a booth, Dolores De Luce "Knitter To The Stars". She says on her web site:

"Dolores DeLuce, like many people in Hollywood, grew her one of a kind, hand knit business out of her need to survive as an actress.

"It was just a hobby and a remarkable remedy for curtailing my compulsive behavior. I can't sit still without my knitting. I would knit in acting class and other actress/models who were actually getting work, would buy what I was making."

I must say Dolores' knits were the nicest of all the garment at the festival.

Oh but this is Venice so we had lots of fun people dressed in colorful clothes, dancing with hoola hoops, parading with dogs, I think a good time was had by all.

I love these shoes! I've bought a few pair over the years and can not believe that he actually makes these shoes and he only has one arm! After a car accident he lost his left arm but it did not stop him from making shoes! I've met him and his wife and they are a lovely couple and make wonderful hand crafted sandals.

The sandals last for years and they even "resole" them. Last year however they told me that they are retiring and will not be back at this festival. To my surprise there he was! I thought you were retiring! Well we were and then we finally talked our son and daughter in law to take over the business. There is Lee with his daughter in-law.

And what is a Venice event without political statements?

The "Swat Arnold" fans, I thought were kind of clever but getting old, I've seen them now for a couple of years.

Now this lady had these "patchwork" knits, they were "steeked" (knitting cut and sewed). It looked like she took old sweaters from thrift shops chopped them in pieces and sewed them together. I think she wanted $450 dollars for her creations! I don't know how many she actually sold though.

From a distance they kind of looked nice but when I saw the detail I felt it was very poorly executed, she just used her zig zag attachment and started sewing. I've seen this kind of work before at other fairs and swapmeets but I've never seen anybody wearing one of them.

When I got home my DH asked if I bought anything and I said no I like what I knit for myself better than anything I saw.

There were a couple more people selling knitted things, these felted purses seemed popular, lots of people looking at them.

Then there was the crochet lady, sort of left over from the "hippie" era, I guess it can be called "retro" now. She had these sort of belts that she was wrapping around herself in different combinations. She was very nice and posed for me wearing her creations.


Dolores De Luce
Kiwi Sandals

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Bitch has an attitude....

My female dog has an attitude and she has not talked to me all day. Here are her complaints:

I can not believe that SHE is giving us fish for breakfast. Who does she think we are? I have told her many many times that I am not a CAT! Not a CAT! Did you hear me? Even though I act like a cat many times I've even learned how to Meow, what a kick! I sometimes like to amuse her by doing a couple of Meow like noises it always makes her laugh. Then I must admit I do clean my face every morning with the "lick paw" method I once saw a cat do it and it seemed like a good idea. What does she expect? I can't reach the sink to wash my face ...... dah .... I have tried many times to explain this to her but she still laughs at me when I do it.

Now I have to sit here and wait until she decides to open the door so I can go outside in the FRONT, and bark at those sons of bitches who dare to cross my area. This is one of my favorite jobs, yes I said jobs. I don't just sit around doing nothing around here you know even though some may think so, namely her! I go to work yes work seven days a week. Although I do change my routine on the weekends. I may sleep in a little bit on Sundays there is not much traffic outside and I have to save my strength for the walk on the beach.

My sweet Papa takes us for a ride on the weekends, I love my Papa and I can hardly wait for the weekends. The car is great the drive down PCH is wonderful and if we are lucky and I scream loud enough Papa sometimes stops at McDonalds and gets chicken for us. Yes for us, I have to share it all with him, my brother I would really much rather have a hamburger but Papa had a problem once with the hamburger order so he stopped getting hamburgers but chicken McNuggets are ok too. I don't like the sauce very much I just like the chicken broken up in little pieces fed to me by hand, yes that is my favorite the feeding by the hand is very important to me. This feeding by the hand makes them feel really important and I can torture them a bit in my own little ways. Breaking the chicken in little pieces always gets their hands dirty and there is no place to wash their hands, I do like to torture them once in a while just to keep them in line it is very important to me that I am in charge.

SHE thinks she is in charge but I am the one really in charge, sometimes we have a fight about it and because she is so much bigger and fatter yes I said fatter, than me that I let her think she is in charge some of the time. It is all an illusion and she gets all full of herself and gets that silly grin going like "yeah that'll show you" kind of look. So now I lay here just waiting and always alert to any little noise that may bring danger in my territory.

I will write again if SHE lets me.
The Bitch

Now a note from my little boy:

I need protection from the Bitch! She has been so mean to me, but my mommy loves me. She tries so hard to make sure I always have everything the Bitch gets and when she is especially mean mommy makes sure she gives me extra love and sometimes an extra treat.

Yesterday was such a great day, we had fish for breakfast! It was delicious, can you imagine how much mommy loves me to give me grilled salmon for breakfast? The Bitch told me that it was leftovers and that we were given garbage and She was not going to give mommy the satisfaction of eating it! More for me! I very carefully waited till she was busy and ran over to her bowl and ate the delicious fish.

The rest of the day went pretty well I barked a lot at those nasty people in the alley, and I took several naps waiting for something to happen. Overall it was a great day and tomorrow we get to go on a ride in that wonderful car. I love that car, Papa installed a special fan, I usually get really hot in the car, and I learned how to hit the switch to put it on. Papa could not believe that I was smart enough to do this, so he thought it was an accident that I hit the switch with my paw and turned the fan on. But it was no accident I love the fan and the first thing I do when we get in the car is to turn the switch on with my paw just so Papa knows that I'm doing it on purpose!

Now I have to sit here in front of that open door to wait for the Bitch to let me in. I will write again if the Bitch lets me.

The Boy

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My first sweater ...

I updated this entry with some new pictures, this is my Einstein pattern projects, once I learned the pattern I could not stop knitting it. Now when I look at the pieces my knitting skills have improved in the last couple of years, I've graduated to knitting Hanne Falkenberg designs. I must say the Einstein was a lot easier.

*Photo credit: Ellen Bloom* Thank you Ellen.

Until about 2 years ago I did not know how to read a knitting pattern. It looked like a different language to me and I did not know how to speak it. Knitese, bunch of shorthand with k2tog, ssk, yo, yib, who knew what all this meant. I have knit most of my life but only by visual freeform knitting and just sort of made things up. My mother had a few little patterns written down and she showed me how to knit and read her patterns. I lost them years ago and was left with "freeform" knitting.

One day I was at Stitches from the Heart looking at yarn and Kathy Silverton the owner of the charity approached me and asked what I was going to knit. I don't know just something, then I told her my big secret that I really did not know how to read knitting patterns. Kathy suggested I buy Sally Melville's book "The Knit Stitch" I picked the Einstein coat, since I've made several variations and really love Sally's book. She illustrates with great color pictures and the patterns are written so even a person who has never read a pattern can follow.

When my mother died and I was going through her house and belongings I found this glove she had saved. It was part of a set I knit when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I made a scarf and a hat and gloves to match. Only found the gloves.

Here are some other "Einstein" pattern projects I've knit. Once I remembered this simple and easy pattern I started knitting it over and over again. This green wool coat with sleeves and the others as vests.

Green sport weight wool coat, I don't love it but it's ok.

Then came this one I knit this on a trip and found this lovely green silk ribbon at a yarn store in Venice, Italy. My friends were sightseeing and I was sitting and knitting at a yarn shop. Had a great time...

This is Black Cashmere from Scotland, this yarn is coated and does not become so soft until it is washed, so I washed it and threw it in the dryer. It is just heavenly soft.

I added a bit of a border on the armhole edge.

Then I loved it so much that I made this red one also cashmere but this yarn is from China. Soft but not as nice as the Scottish cashmere.

Again some crochet edging

Links: The Knit Stitch

Stitches from the Heart

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The revenge of the Machines...

I have a problem with my dishwasher periodically, the key word here is periodically, it only happens once in a while? Of course when the technician comes out to fix it, no it won't do it? I've taken pictures just to show that I'm not completely off my rocker....the soap suds start running out from the bottom...not every time but once in a while. I measure the soap same settings go figure? So I just put up with the whole mess, maybe one day when the technician is here it will do it.

This is the same syndrome as when my car is making a noise and it won't do it when I get to the mechanic, it suddenly drives like a dream as if there was never anything wrong and the mechanic looks at me like silly woman.... or when I have a medical problem as soon as I get to the doctors it stops hurting? What is this all about?

Why is my dishwasher making me crazy? Is it revenge, it really wants me to wash the floors or do the dishes by hand? Why I ask why...One day I will get pissed off enough with this thing and replace it! Threats sometimes work.

The problem with machines is that when you need it the most is when they act up, with computers it's usually the "demo factor". My computer could be functioning like a dream all day speeding along, jumping from one application to another, downloading pictures, getting eMail sailing along with no problems at all. Then my husband wants to see something and NO it freezes or it slows down to a snails crawl, or I have to reboot oh yeah the "demo factor" but I guess this is just part of life and there is nothing I can do about this one the threats do work most of the time.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Instant Gratification

I love patterns that download in a pdf file! I don't mind paying but because it's a pdf file I think it should be slightly cheaper. I know how much work must go into writing a pattern and publishing it. No easy task! My hat off to all you designers who write it down test it out and publish it!

I love the convenience of a downloadable pdf file! It is so convenient and quick, no muss no fuss you can purchase it at any time and if I can pay with either my credit card or PayPal, how easy is this? I think making it available mail order or a book is fine too but it is just not as fast as I would like it. I hope all the designers are listening out there! Besides think of all the paper it saves! The trees do not have to be cut down it's good for the earth.

There are some designers who only make their patterns available as kits, like Hanne Falkenberg and some others, although Hanne has the nicest designs I think. This is what works for her so she keeps doing what works. It keeps her patterns "exclusive" because her kits are a bit pricey. Although when you figure it all out they are not that bad, by the time you figure out the gauge and the colors and finding it at a reasonable price you could have knitted the sweater already. Hanne only sells her private label wool and I must say it is a bit scratchy. The kits are easier to figure out for the "gauge" etc. and hopefully you have just the right amount of yarn in the right colors and weight. I'm all for kits, I think it is a good way to go.

I also love Audible's downloadable books on "tape" I guess they are really not on tape but most of us got used to identifying books in an audio format on tape recordings. I love the convenience of the internet. Instant gratification is my motto... I shop online and pay my bills online as much as I can. Shopping online is great, I don't have to go anywhere park my car look for that specific thing I'm looking for, perhaps dealing with a "not so bright" sales person who has no idea what I'm talking about. (That is a whole other entry on sales people who do not have any idea about the products they sell.) This too is good for the earth.

So pdf files for knitting patterns, MP3 files for audio, keep them coming! I love my gadgets, my computer, my iPods and I want what I want when I want it darn it.... it's all about instant gratification....

For books Audible

Hanne Falkenberg designs

There is a Hanne Falkenberg "Knitalong" lots of fans out there.

Apple iPods & iTunes

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The killer Spinach got me....

I think I must have had some traces of the killer spinach that is going around here. I did not realize that the salad bar might have "bagged" spinach mixed in with their salad. I did not have very much just a few leaves.

I am sick as a dog, headache, nausea just not feeling well.... I may not eat spinach again for some time. My theory is that if it got into the spinach it's probably in other vegetables too. Just my opinion...

I wonder how many people just got ill not serious enough to document?

Stay away from Spinach!

From: The Associated Press:

FDA warns against eating bagged spinach E. coli outbreak spreads to 20th state

WASHINGTON — A California natural foods company was linked today to a nationwide E. coli outbreak that has killed one person and sickened nearly 100 others. Supermarkets across the country pulled spinach from shelves, and consumers tossed out the leafy green.

Food and Drug Administration officials said that they had received reports of illness in 19 states.

The outbreak was traced to Natural Selection Foods, based in San Juan Bautista, Calif., and the company has voluntarily recalled products containing spinach.

FDA officials stressed that the bacteria had not been isolated in products sold by Natural Selection Foods but that the link was established by patient accounts of what they had eaten before becoming ill.

An investigation was continuing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love - Hate Relationship

I love this time of year when the weather cools down and I can wear more clothes. More sweaters made of wool, fun scarves and socks that I have knitted for myself. But I hate the chore of having to make the "switch" in the closet from summer to winterish clothes. After all I can't really call our winter here in Venice California a real winter but it does get coldish especially here at the beach. The coast has a totally different climate from inland! Sometimes amazingly 10 to 20 degrees different from down town Los Angeles or the Valley.

Now I have to go in the storage and get out the slightly warmer clothes and retire some of the very light weight summer clothes... The cotton tank tops I was having so much fun knitting but maybe I can layer!

When I was younger and had a "body" I used to be the opposite I liked summer clothes and actually lived in the tropics (Hawaii) and the less clothes I wore the better I liked it. Those days are long gone and now I like winter because I can cover up not just from others seeing my "matured" body but mainly from myself. I really did prefer the young body as opposed to this mature body I've gotten. Who didn't? I am not alone on this one for sure. Also knitting has taken over my life so most of the "knitted" items I have are more conducive to a colder climate.

Yes the years roll on and as Andy Rooney from CBS 60 minutes show says, "Life is like a roll a of toilet paper the closer you get to the end the faster it goes."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two rectangles and a triangle....

New Favorite Wear, just two rectangles sewn together and a triangle shawl with a crochet edge trim. Cotton and the trim is rayon. Very comfy and Navy Blue my new black.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Beach Socks...

Took a walk at the beach this morning, it was really nice out a little overcast but the cool salty air felt great! The sun was playing pica boo with the clouds the colors of the early morning sky were incredible. Pastel and delicate soft pinks and baby blues. It reminded me of Soft Misty Alpaca yarn.

I had my "bumble bee" sock, yes I was knitting and walking at the same time. I can chew gum and knit and walk at the same time too!

Lots of people jogging and walking their dogs, although you are not supposed to have dogs at the beach let alone off leash but nobody pays attention to that law... Not even the Life Guards or the Police. If I took my dogs out there I would probably get a ticket or get arrested or something! Overall it was a glorious morning, nobody even batted an eyelash at the sight of me knitting. This is the first time I've done this and it was nice. Knitting socks is an easy little project and it kind of gives you a tiny break each time you change needles. I am definitely doing this again. I got quite a bit done and got my exercise at the same time! That's what we like "multi-tasking".

Take a look at my sock.... After all this is a knitting blog:

The lonely Bumble Bee waiting for his mate.

And the other socks I just finished made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. Feels great and I look forward to wearing them. Thank goodness the summer is over and I can start wearing more socks and my knitted wools.

Moments and visions we'll never forget....

September 11, 2001

The last entry was that perfect moment and ironically today I have to remember a day that the whole world will never forget. I watched the show on CBS last night and was totally riveted, excellent job! At first I was kind of hesitant in reliving this horrible event but I started watching and could not take my eyes off the tv set.

I've seen lots of pictures and video clips from that horrible day on 9/11 in New York but never such an intimate detailed flow of events that this documentary showed! Wow they really did a good job.

9/11/2001 From the inside.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Perfect Moment

A documentary made by a friend Nicholas Hondrogen, here is a description he gives of this documentary he made about ten years ago.

This question above was asked, "From celebrities to gang members, from heroin addicts and homeless, to teachers and clergy. ..... Composer Philip Glass and others remember the birth of their children as electrifying moments, broadcaster Larry King recalls the heart attack that changed his life; and an actress recalls the details of her terrifying rape. The filmmaker turns the camera on himself as well. "Perfect Moment" won the Audience Award at the 1997 Slamdance International Film Festival focuses on some fascinating personalities..”

Here is mine:

The birth of my son. At some point while we were in the hospital my son and I were separated he was in the nursery and I in my room settling in and recovering. It came time for the nurses to bring me my baby, the feeling of waiting for your baby is beyond description. Besides all the obvious reasons, mother natures hormonal changes that a new mother goes through and the anxiety of strangers handling your baby.

This is a baby who has been part of your body for 9 months and I missed him and wanted to see him NOW. I heard his cry so loud it echoed through the hallway, I knew it was him because a mother just knows. "Mother Natures" miracle.

The nurse hands me this screaming crying baby, and I say "Sweetheart what's wrong?" and the minute he hears my voice he stopped crying and tried to focus on me. His little eyes and mine met for the first time. It was truly the most magical, perfect moment of my life.

I have told this story many times before but each time, it brings back such warm memories....I thought I would share it with the world....Happy Birthday John!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

"Free Form" Knitting Haiku's

Here are some knitting Haiku's I found and some I have written. Send me yours.

Walk in shop
Take out my wallet
A bag of Yarn
knit one knit two
wallet empty
closet full
A bag of yarn
No sleep
I have a sock
Two socks
A washing machine
Equals one sock
Big yarn ball
Pretty colors
Two great socks
Knit a sock
I could buy some.
My toes love the soft.
Friend’s birthday
Knitting as fast as I can
Hat she’ll never wear
Sock is getting longer-
Keep knitting
Feet will soon be warmer.
Socks tumble around
I pray dryer is on low
No felting today!
Kitty paws
Big ball of yarn
Sea of tangles
Knit purl knit purl knit
Breathe in out in out in out
Funny how that works.
One sock is finished
The other not yet started.
Must cast on for shawl.
Breezing through green lights
Hoping one will turn red soon.
Want to knit a row.
Watch the ball shrink
Knit and Knit
What is it?
One more stitch
One more ball of yarn
and it's dawn
I have big project.
Must not write knitting haikus.
I must go.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The flea market....& .... knitting

Over the weekend I went to a flea market, fun, fun, fun, we got to walk around and look at all the crazy things people are selling and the crazy stuff people are buying! Some things just amuse me to no end sometimes you wonder what the heck is that person going to do with that? The first thing that caught my eye were these lovely crochet rugs.

I went looking for the owner with curiosity of how much they were and who made them, close by was this lovely lady with a mischievous smile. Oh yeah I made them all and I want $50 each, they are machine washable and they will last 3 years. Was her well rehearsed answer.

I asked if she made them and she told me oh yes, I couldn't stop, I made 60 of them and these are the last ones left. I also made these little florets and I made 300 of those! I want .75 cents each for those.

Then I spotted this tray of crochet hooks and some knitting needles. Oh yes I was digging, found a few treasures!

Look at these crochet hats! The seller told me that he bought them at an estate sale and there was 150 hats, all the same style and different colors. Also a whole truck load of afghans and a ton of needles and hooks and knitting stuff. The lady was an avid knitter and she passed away now the kids don't know what to do with all the hats and afghans. He wanted 30 dollars each for the hats and the afghans and the needles he will bring next month. Oh next month? mmmm.....

Then there are the buttons, I love collecting buttons. BananaButtons take a peek at some of my button collection. What a good time my son will have with his inheritance!