Saturday, September 16, 2006

The killer Spinach got me....

I think I must have had some traces of the killer spinach that is going around here. I did not realize that the salad bar might have "bagged" spinach mixed in with their salad. I did not have very much just a few leaves.

I am sick as a dog, headache, nausea just not feeling well.... I may not eat spinach again for some time. My theory is that if it got into the spinach it's probably in other vegetables too. Just my opinion...

I wonder how many people just got ill not serious enough to document?

Stay away from Spinach!

From: The Associated Press:

FDA warns against eating bagged spinach E. coli outbreak spreads to 20th state

WASHINGTON — A California natural foods company was linked today to a nationwide E. coli outbreak that has killed one person and sickened nearly 100 others. Supermarkets across the country pulled spinach from shelves, and consumers tossed out the leafy green.

Food and Drug Administration officials said that they had received reports of illness in 19 states.

The outbreak was traced to Natural Selection Foods, based in San Juan Bautista, Calif., and the company has voluntarily recalled products containing spinach.

FDA officials stressed that the bacteria had not been isolated in products sold by Natural Selection Foods but that the link was established by patient accounts of what they had eaten before becoming ill.

An investigation was continuing.


AR said...

Gosh, hope you feel better soon! I have some bagged salad in the fridge that I think I'll pitch!

Larjmarj said...

I work in a hospital...come and get me e-coli! I dare ya!
I get hit with bigger and badder cooties all day.