Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Spa time....

My dogs like to blog sometimes and I let them.

From the boy:

Finally, I get to have a bath! I love to take baths, I get a massage my mommy rubs me and puts that great smelling shampoo on me and oooh that wonderful warm water. This is a great shower mommy designed just for washing us, she must love us very much. After the shower I get rubbed and then brushed and the hot air from the hair dryer is my absolute favorite.

I don't even have to worry about the Bitch coming around being mean to me because she is hiding! She hates baths, what a fool baths are the best. I should try and get more dirty so I get to have baths more often. Now my hair is so fluffy and I smell so good and my mommy always hugs and kisses me when I'm clean. She says there is nothing like "mushing" a clean puppy.

I am such a lucky dog to have such a wonderful mommy. Now I must go and take a nap I am exhausted from all this activity. I'll write again.

The lucky boy.

Then from his sister the "bitch" sitting in my "knitting" chair, because she does not like me to knit but that is another story:

OMG, I know she is going to want to give me a bath, I can read HER mind. Early this morning I saw HER with MY towels. SHE does not know that I know where she keeps my towels, and she thinks that I don't notice that she gets the towels ready. Like I don't know that after the towels come out it's THE BATH TORTURE! I don't know why she insists on doing this to me, I clean my face and rub myself in the dirt everyday! For goodness sake, I'm not a human, I don't need SHAMPOO... and the fragrance of that shampoo, I just hate it I've asked her to get me something that I like but no she always picks something SHE likes.

Somehow she always finds me no matter how hard I try and hide, she is so big and so crazy! CRAZY! Does she not understand that I don't want to get wet! Although I do like it when I'm fluffy and the dry dry routine she gives me with the blow dryer is not too bad. But that shower, she sits there and just hoses me off how humiliating is that? I ask you how would you like to be "hosed" off? I'm surprised she doesn't drag out the hose outside in the yard.

Sometimes I start screaming even before the water touches me, then just to humiliate me she looks at me with that disgusted look and reminds me that the water has not even touched me and I'm screaming. Shames me into shutting up. Finally I relax and resign myself to the torture. Thank God it's over fairly quickly! Now she might leave me alone! I just know she will want to hug me and "mush" me and I suppose I'll have to endure that too.

Well thank God that is over! I think I'll prance around the house singing.

I'm so pretty, look at me I'm all fluffy and smell good and clean, and I'm cleaner than he is. I can hardly wait to go outside and dig up some dirt to make my fur even more fluffy

The Queen Dog


RheLynn said...

They're beautiful dogs, especially the boy, he has a sweet handsome face!

AR said...

Haha, maybe the boy loves baths, because he knows the bitch will leave him alone. hahaha!

Ragan said...

Heh heh. That was a great little story! :)

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!! Very funny! They're both adorable.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, Anna. Please come again to the Slipt Stitchers.

Miss you.