Friday, September 08, 2006

"Free Form" Knitting Haiku's

Here are some knitting Haiku's I found and some I have written. Send me yours.

Walk in shop
Take out my wallet
A bag of Yarn
knit one knit two
wallet empty
closet full
A bag of yarn
No sleep
I have a sock
Two socks
A washing machine
Equals one sock
Big yarn ball
Pretty colors
Two great socks
Knit a sock
I could buy some.
My toes love the soft.
Friend’s birthday
Knitting as fast as I can
Hat she’ll never wear
Sock is getting longer-
Keep knitting
Feet will soon be warmer.
Socks tumble around
I pray dryer is on low
No felting today!
Kitty paws
Big ball of yarn
Sea of tangles
Knit purl knit purl knit
Breathe in out in out in out
Funny how that works.
One sock is finished
The other not yet started.
Must cast on for shawl.
Breezing through green lights
Hoping one will turn red soon.
Want to knit a row.
Watch the ball shrink
Knit and Knit
What is it?
One more stitch
One more ball of yarn
and it's dawn
I have big project.
Must not write knitting haikus.
I must go.


Ellen Bloom said...

So Pithy! Love this one:
"Friend’s birthday
Knitting as fast as I can
Hat she’ll never wear."
That is SO TRUE, Ms. Ana Banana! This highlights the fact that we should be knitting for OURSELVES exclusively or at least for other knitters and crocheters who really appreciate the effort!

RheLynn said...

Great collection!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

OH MY GAWD. I was laughing with each one of these - they are so spot-on!!!! And I always think of haikus as being high-brow and serene. HAHA!!!!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh aern't they great ,I can relate to the 'one more stitch, one more ball of yarn, and its dawn ' at the moment ; helps the night hours pass away .
Thank you for the comments on my blog and I have been reading your post re flea markets and totaly agree they are a place full of treasures.
Oh and on a silly note !! my brothers (I am the only girl) all called me 'Anna Banana 'and still do at times .