Saturday, September 30, 2006

Project Funway...

Somehow I got hooked! These reality shows I swore I would not get sucked in but I did. Season one went by and I didn't even glance. Then I saw a repeat of one of the shows and thought gee that looks like fun and the new season 3 was about to start.

Tuned in just to check it out and I was fascinated and could hardly wait for the next episode. Although watching the "marathon" of all the shows at once was kind of fun. Great show to knit to, especially for a "designer at heart" person.

So here I am discussing the show with a couple of friends as if we knew these people. Blogging about it, joining in the discussions on Knitter's Review making comments on others who blog about it etc. The show is produced very nicely to get their audience to be familiar with each contestant, the way they get them to "dish" each other and to voice their opinions and to show their creative progressions.

I like it, I'm even getting inspired finding myself saying I could have done a better job than that. But of course talk is cheap, what they are doing is not an easy task. Oh look how ugly or wow that is really nice. I'm sitting in my knitting chair fascinated with a reality show! Go figure.

Maybe the bitch is right, I am Crazy!

Heidi is beautiful although I don't know who dresses her, some of her outfits should have been "Auf Wiedersehen!" but she is pregnant half of the time so I'll give her a pass. How she pulls this off with all these pregnancies I don't know but Kudos to Heidi. I think that makes it 3 kids under the age of 3 even with help and nannies is impressive. Tim Gunn is charming and so together and slick. The boys over at "Project RunGay" just love him.

The show is a runaway hit in West Hollywood over in "boys town" Wednesday night has become a party night to get together and watch the show.

See each of the designers from season 3 and the whole collection can be seen on the New York Magazine site. My personal favorite is Ulrike Herzner. I pick her to be the winner.

Laura second, and the two guys I was not impressed. Jeffrey lost his edge and Michael designs for hookers. Just my opinion.


The Project Rungay boys


AR said...

Yeah, those reruns get me every time. Then, I'm hooked. Darn reality shows!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ooooo, Project Runway is one of my faves! Since there was an article on Jeffrey in the L.A. Times Magazine a few weeks ago, I feel like he may win. I agree with you...Uli is the best!