Friday, September 01, 2006

Do kids need a spa?

When I was a little girl growing up in Budapest, my mother used to take me to the spa for therapeutic baths as well as massages on a regular basis. We used to go to the beauty shop and have our hair and nails done also. This was the way it was and it was a wonderful time with mom, part of the reason was because in those days getting a baby sitter was just not done, you took your child with you wherever you went. The other part was my mother sharing her life, sharing how she took care of herself and teaching me, I loved it and the memory is warm and wonderful. I still go to the spa and get massages and have my hair and nails done and nothing bad has happened to me for this early childhood experience.

No I did not have red fingernails, but my cuticles and toe nails were cut and I was well groomed for a child of say 6 or 7 years old. I think the first I was treated to hair appointments were when I was around 3. My hair was professionally cut and styled and this was not out of the norm but rather accepted as part of life living in the city.

I was very surprised to see a segment on the Today show this morning "Do Kids Need a Spa?" in my opinion Yes! It was a great experience, but on the show they had women saying how bad this was for our daughters and how this is just glorifying how we look and the usual OMG if you take your daughter to a spa and have a massage she will grow up anorexic or obsessed with beauty and have endless plastic surgery or some other awful thing.

Lighten up people good grooming does not have to lead into all those negative things, it's actually very nice to see a well groomed person. There is nothing less appealing then to see a woman or a man for that matter with overgrown dirty fingernails. I see men having manicures and pedicures at my salon I go to all the time. Most of them do not get the "blood red" nail polish (yes most of them) but they are well groomed. I personally do not like long nails on men or women and nail polish on men is not that great in my eyes either.

Short nails, sometimes a nice red polish or buffed is my favorite. Some of these women I see sometimes with the plastic long nails is just silly in my opinion. Expensive to keep up, toxic to the body, time consuming and just a waste of time and money in my opinion! Also gets in the way, and if you break one you are in some major pain. Whenever I see a woman at a cash register and she is going through creative ways to pick up the change because their nails are too long, I wonder who in the world hired them for this job? Their nails are too long to efficiently do this!

I could go on with that but I won't bore you or me.

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