Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love - Hate Relationship

I love this time of year when the weather cools down and I can wear more clothes. More sweaters made of wool, fun scarves and socks that I have knitted for myself. But I hate the chore of having to make the "switch" in the closet from summer to winterish clothes. After all I can't really call our winter here in Venice California a real winter but it does get coldish especially here at the beach. The coast has a totally different climate from inland! Sometimes amazingly 10 to 20 degrees different from down town Los Angeles or the Valley.

Now I have to go in the storage and get out the slightly warmer clothes and retire some of the very light weight summer clothes... The cotton tank tops I was having so much fun knitting but maybe I can layer!

When I was younger and had a "body" I used to be the opposite I liked summer clothes and actually lived in the tropics (Hawaii) and the less clothes I wore the better I liked it. Those days are long gone and now I like winter because I can cover up not just from others seeing my "matured" body but mainly from myself. I really did prefer the young body as opposed to this mature body I've gotten. Who didn't? I am not alone on this one for sure. Also knitting has taken over my life so most of the "knitted" items I have are more conducive to a colder climate.

Yes the years roll on and as Andy Rooney from CBS 60 minutes show says, "Life is like a roll a of toilet paper the closer you get to the end the faster it goes."

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Unknown said...

I love winter too but not just for the extra clothes but for the extra food lol