Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The flea market....& .... knitting

Over the weekend I went to a flea market, fun, fun, fun, we got to walk around and look at all the crazy things people are selling and the crazy stuff people are buying! Some things just amuse me to no end sometimes you wonder what the heck is that person going to do with that? The first thing that caught my eye were these lovely crochet rugs.

I went looking for the owner with curiosity of how much they were and who made them, close by was this lovely lady with a mischievous smile. Oh yeah I made them all and I want $50 each, they are machine washable and they will last 3 years. Was her well rehearsed answer.

I asked if she made them and she told me oh yes, I couldn't stop, I made 60 of them and these are the last ones left. I also made these little florets and I made 300 of those! I want .75 cents each for those.

Then I spotted this tray of crochet hooks and some knitting needles. Oh yes I was digging, found a few treasures!

Look at these crochet hats! The seller told me that he bought them at an estate sale and there was 150 hats, all the same style and different colors. Also a whole truck load of afghans and a ton of needles and hooks and knitting stuff. The lady was an avid knitter and she passed away now the kids don't know what to do with all the hats and afghans. He wanted 30 dollars each for the hats and the afghans and the needles he will bring next month. Oh next month? mmmm.....

Then there are the buttons, I love collecting buttons. BananaButtons take a peek at some of my button collection. What a good time my son will have with his inheritance!


Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo...we want to see the needles and hooks you got too! Is this the John Muir School swap in Santa Monica? Inquiring minds need to know!

Yarnartist said...

Wow, Ana! Let me know when you are going again, next month.

Ellen said...

Nice finds!
Where was this flea market?