Monday, September 04, 2006

The missing drill

My husband asks:
Have you seen my power drill?
I say: No I have not.
DH: Are you sure you did not use it?
AB: Maybe?
DH: Well did you put it back?
AB: I migh have.
DH: I don't see it?
AB: Look harder!
DH: You must have used it and not put it back.
AB: I could have used it and I could have put it back and you used it after me and YOU did not put it back.
DH: I don't think so.
AB: Ok I'll go scouting for the drill.....(I take off and start looking)
After a few minutes I hear the drill...What?

AHA! You found it, where was it? Just where you put it way up there on that shelf. I know you got a ladder and climbed up and hid it from me.

AB: Yes dear.

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