Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Fabric Collage Art


“Kaleidoscopic Fish of Colors”

I know I started this blog as a knitting blog but somehow in the 15 years it’s evolved. There has been long periods of time that I did not post but I have forgotten how much fun it is to keep a blog. As this pandemic has taken over our lives, somehow I have not had the patience to knit. I’m not sure why, but such as it is. Then I started sewing because at the very beginning of all this masks were hard to come by. 

Now that we are into this mess for over 10 months and the mask market is plentiful, but I love the colors and the fabrics my masks are made from. The custom fit is better than any commercial mask out there. It’s not an N95 but it’s serving it’s purpose.

Now I have a ton of little bits of material. Left overs from cutting out the masks. I’ve had lots of time to watch YouTube  videos of how others handle these scraps. Most quilters know of this and there are hundreds of suggestions of how to utilize all the scraps. One of them was Quilted collages, some I saw were absolutely amazing. Way over my capabilities, quilting is very involved and most of the quilts are very large. More than I could handle but I am interested, if I had the space and time I would like to do that. 

For example Susan Carlson made a life size alligator. 

I think it said that this was 20 foot. I wish I had a studio where I could make a 20 foot anything. My tiny “Kaleidoscopic Fish of Colors” is a mere 12”x12” as they say you have to crawl before you can run marathons. For now I’m making tiny fabric collages. 

No sewing jut like a jigsaw puzzle then it gets framed hung on the wall and each time I look at it I smile. It makes me happy to see all the colors and to remind me of the beautiful fabrics from my scrap collection.