Friday, November 24, 2006

Oh Please!

I am so sorry for everything mean I said about you! Please do not cook and eat me! I didn't mean it! I have really been a Bitch.

You are the queen and you really rule and you are the best mommy a dog could have! I am so lucky to live with you! Thank you so much for those left overs, it was delicious!

I really do love you!

Fee Fee


AR said...

Aww! I bet she really didn't mean it, Cutie!

Yarnartist said...

Hi Ana,
Glad to hear you had a happy Thanksgiving. That little pup is so adorable. You have a very complicated dynamic with her! Hope to see you soon!

Ana Petrova said...


It is a complex relationship, if she wasn't so cute and smart she would have been out on her ass a long time ago. But I guess we will have to keep her.

She is the most unique and smartest pet I've ever had.