Monday, November 13, 2006

From the Bitch and the Boy

The only thing that keeps me going is the hope of some day taking over the house and rule! Yes I will be in charge one day, somebody has to be the two humans I live with are totally crazy and actually I think of them as my tormentors. I try every day little by little for the final take over, I do make progress sometimes. One day I WILL RULE!

I train them every day and some of the techniques I use is waking them up at 3 am to go outside. I start with a quiet growl and then I work my way up to a loud as I can bark/scream! That always gets them, they think I have to go tinkle or some other activities they hate if I do it inside.

I have in the past made them take me out in the middle of the night and stepped outside and decided to come right back in, no tinkle no nothing. It's too cold at night and it's very dark don't tell anybody but I get scared. (Oh I can't believe I shared that!) They are so sleepy they can't see what's happenig.

Then I just throw up or tinkle inside, where it's nice and warm and hopefully in a spot that is very hard to find. She is the one that always has to clean it up..... as you see I have ways to get back at her....

Now I must go I have to think about other ways to plot my take over. They will never catch on, I will wait though because this weekend I get fried turkey! My favorite. They always make too much so I get lots and lots of turkey.

From the Bitch aka. The Queen Ruler!
From the boy:

I don't know what my sister is up to but I know it's something mean. I hope she does not upset Mommy too much. Mommy loves me so much and she is so nice to me. I think there is something delicious cooking in the kitchen Mommy came home with a lot of packages from the market and it's starting to smell really good.

I think it's some kind of holiday coming up Mommy washed the fancy dishes! I hope they make a fried turkey like last year.

The boy.

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