Friday, October 13, 2006

Cotton Flake & Rayon Metallic Top

I got the yarn and the pattern looked good so I started right in last Sunday. Knit, Knit, Knit, like I was on a schedule but I really liked what was developing. It's like a big puzzle when I follow someone's design. I'm never quite sure what it's going to actually look like.

Here is the picture what it's supposed to look like:
Well I always have to tweak it a little so I added a bit more room in the front with this "short row" bit which added just enough drape in the front. I have some yarn left over I think enough for a little shawl, so I will be knitting a shawl to go with this.

I just have to sew up the seams on the side, it's knitted from side to side and it feels and drapes wonderfully when I tried it on. It looks better on me than the dummy. I'm a little bigger than my dummy, I should get a fatter dummy or lose some weight. But today this is what I have a skinny dummy and a fat owner. The bonus is it can be worn either way, front or back and it looks good, I guess it will depend on my mood, so this top does not have an official front or back, it just depends.....

Blue Heron yarn is wonderful I really like this brand. I know I will wear this piece often. Six days to completion is pretty good on this one, but when a project starts taking shape and I really like it I seem to get excited and knit even faster.

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Anonymous said...

Looks cute!

Ellen Bloom said...

Is the WHOLE piece made from Blue Heron? Looks great!!! Nice work.

AR said...

I love that! Looks really great. The pic of the yarn in the box was nice too. You did that really fast!