Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shuttles & Needles & Hooks

It's called Shuttles & Needles & Hooks
214 East Chatham Street
Cary, North Carolina 27511 (adjacent to Raleigh)

Owned by this lovely lady named Carol, has been here in this same old house for 17 years. Frankly when I asked her how long she had been here I expected her to say 40 years at least but no only 17 years. The place is loaded with all kinds of yarn and looms and anything you could think of for knitting or weaving looms etc.

This is an old house converted to a business location, a two story structure complete with a full bath upstairs with an old enamel bathtub. Room after room after room chuck full of stuff.

Every possible spot is full the yarn is from the usual brands to obscure brands I've never heard of she also sells yarn by the ounce from cones. Lots of books and just loaded with charm.

When I told the ladies there that I was from California one of them asked me if the yarn stores were "cool" in L.A.? My answer was that none of them were as "cool" as this place.

I bought some sock yarn and some shortie double pointed addi needles. The prices were not cheap, maybe if you dig and find some bargains but mostly (manufacturers suggested prices) because of all the shopping I've already done I only walked out with some sock yarn.


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Craftybernie said...

Looks like manna from heaven! Must be a nightmire to keep clean though.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful find!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, I could spend all day in there!! Thanks for sharing :)

AR said...

What a neat place!