Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Washing Machine vs. Socks

My washing machines eat socks? This is the great sock vs. Washing machine war the socks have never won. Now that I'm knitting $Pricey$ socks this may have to change. For many years now I have been collecting single socks, figuring that when I find only one sock in the dryer eventually the other one will show up and I will just go to the one sock bin and will find the mate.

I'm the only one who uses the my laundry, I'm very possessive with my washing machines. Yes I have two, because the old one got demoted to washing dirty dirty stuff like rugs and rags etc. and the new one is for our clothing. I do not let my dear husband wash because his white tee shirts turn pink and same goes for the maid.

I allow her to iron and put clothes in the dryer but not to touch MY washing machine! After many a times maids have shoved way too many things in the machine and overloaded, turned the knob some weird way and broken machines, I have found if anybody is to break this machine it will be me. This way I won't be blaming others which sometimes I've been known to do. If our underwear turns pink or pale green I will try and convice my husband that is the latest and besides it's underwear who will see it? As long as their clean who cares if they are pink or a nice shade of green.

When the one sock bin is about a year old (depending on the season of course) and chuck full of one socks I finally give in and toss them and start the whole process all over again. Carefully separate the wash according to color and gender, and throw it in the machine carefully selecting the proper soap and temperature and off it goes, then I throw it in the dryer and at the end I usually end up with one lonely sock.

They disappear! Where do they go? I've looked behind the machine in the filter bin but no they just simply disappear! I know this does not make any sense and it has baffled me for many years but it is true. Either the machine eats them or those pesky gremlins come over and steal them because they love mismatched socks.

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