Thursday, August 24, 2006

I don't have the patience for that....

Frequently, when I'm stopped in public by someone who has seen me knitting or wearing one of my knitted garments, they often ask me, how do you have the patience to do that? Especially when I'm knitting thin yarn on very small needles!

This is a total misconception you see handcrafts are not for the patient, the people who can sit idle with their hands still and do nothing. It's the impatient members of society, those whose hands twitch when we're forced to sit in a doctor's office or waiting for anything.....

You see to me these idle moments are opportunities to create. The utltimate "multitasking" is doing two or three things at the same time. The bonus is getting a pair of socks at the end and not just some old socks but socks that fit like a "glove" and socks that feel define! There is nothing as delicious for the feet as wearing a pair of hand knit sox.

Sometimes though I actually do sit and just knit for the pure pleasure of knitting, but those are times when I need some "down" winding times from all the stress and the buzz of the day. I've actually heard somebody remark that knitting was the new Yoga! Oh yeah it was a new knitter up on Montana in Santa Monica and she also said that the new black was navy blue!

I had yarn left over from this project, now I have a matching set but I do promise never to wear them together! Too much matching make me twitch.

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