Saturday, August 05, 2006

Finished a Modified Mermaid "The Parrot"

I call it "The Parrot" because I really like to give each project a name. For several reasons, one that when I refer to a project I know which I'm talking about to a knitting friend. It's much easier to say "The Parrot" then the brownish orange thing etc..

The original desing is Hanne Falkenberg's "Mermaid" and I heavily modified it.

The most obvious modification is that it does not have sleeves. So it's a vest not a sweater, then I made it in a 100% cotton fiber. Also there is an extra short row panel in the front, and just for good measure and a bit of crochet edge. Pinned together with my favorite bakelite broche and voila! "The Parrot" is done.

For the summer it is lightweight and soft and comfy.

(in case you are not familiar with the "Mermaid" by Hanne Falkenberg you can see the design here: )

Finished in record time and it was a great knit. Shish that was so much fun, I want to do it again.

This one I'm calling the Blue Parrot.


Ellen Bloom said...

I cannot believe your spreadsheet for this project! Yikes! It looks like a corporate financial statement! Love the Mermaid!

Ana Petrova said...

hThank you Ellen, nice to sit and knit with you and the whole group. Do keep me notified. Love the Farmer's Market oldie but goldie.