Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer top "Lepke"

All original pattern, actually I just started knitting and kind of built it as I went. Rayon yarn, easy and loose and lots of holes for those hot hot days of summer. And it really goes well with my Parrot vest.

I actually feel pretty good about this one it fits great and feels good. The yarn I used is from Blue Heron and it's verigated and has some gold specks, kind of shimmers as you move. I felt that making the whole thing of this "shiny" gold shimmery was a bit much so I also used a rayon yarn I got on Ebay it's a couple of shades of gold one is darker. Then I just started knitting and built it as I went along.

Tried it on, then I knit some, tried it on again and then I knit some more. I knit part of it on my Brother Bulky knitting machine, then took it off the machine and hand knit part of it, then put it on a circular needle and knit the bottom. Just for good measure I crochet an edge in the front to weigh it down a little. It is shorter in the back then the front, because I feel more comfortable with the garment this way. When I wear it with my vest the hip area is flatter, it stops at the waist. The front where my tummy is there is more room, for that tummy syndrome of old age.


Ellen Bloom said...

You, Ana, my dear, are tooooo incredibly talented! Love "Lepke"...it's a brilliant design!

Happy B-Day this Saturday! If you come to SnB at the F. Mkt., I'll buy you b-day breakfast on Saturday!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Gorgeous!! It looks fabulous and I am so totally impressed. WOW! You are one creative lady.