Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The revenge of the Machines...

I have a problem with my dishwasher periodically, the key word here is periodically, it only happens once in a while? Of course when the technician comes out to fix it, no it won't do it? I've taken pictures just to show that I'm not completely off my rocker....the soap suds start running out from the bottom...not every time but once in a while. I measure the soap same settings go figure? So I just put up with the whole mess, maybe one day when the technician is here it will do it.

This is the same syndrome as when my car is making a noise and it won't do it when I get to the mechanic, it suddenly drives like a dream as if there was never anything wrong and the mechanic looks at me like silly woman.... or when I have a medical problem as soon as I get to the doctors it stops hurting? What is this all about?

Why is my dishwasher making me crazy? Is it revenge, it really wants me to wash the floors or do the dishes by hand? Why I ask why...One day I will get pissed off enough with this thing and replace it! Threats sometimes work.

The problem with machines is that when you need it the most is when they act up, with computers it's usually the "demo factor". My computer could be functioning like a dream all day speeding along, jumping from one application to another, downloading pictures, getting eMail sailing along with no problems at all. Then my husband wants to see something and NO it freezes or it slows down to a snails crawl, or I have to reboot oh yeah the "demo factor" but I guess this is just part of life and there is nothing I can do about this one the threats do work most of the time.

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AR said...

Everything in my house does that. Even the kids. haha