Monday, January 28, 2008

Buttons revisited

I confess I'm a button collector! I can't help it it's in the genes.

Here are some, mind you I inherited a big jar of buttons from my mother. When I was sorting these buttons my grown son walked in the room and to both of our amazement he recognized some of the buttons. He told me when he used to visit with grandma they used to play with the buttons.

Some tips on how to store your buttons:


Ellen Bloom said...

I am extremely jealous of your button collection!

Anonymous said...

Its Christy from stitches...i loved finding your blog. Your creativity is a joy .. thanks for the love and passion you have, it inspires.

Craftybernie said...

Wow, what an amazing collection of buttons. I love rummaging through the button box and jar! Very therapeutic.

Our nana had a jar of buttons that we used to play with too. She was a gentleman's tailor and had a tall sweetie jar full of them. I don't recall any pretty buttons but we still had lots of fun with them.

A jar of buttons is a real novelty for kids in this modern age of computer games and mobile phones.

Ana Petrova said...

Thank you Christy! It's always nice to see your smiling face at the store!