Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Audio Knitting

A Book Review "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King.

I love to listen to books on "tape" . Of course now days it's no longer tapes but all digital, just provide your credit card and click here and click there in in a few minutes the whole book downloads to iTunes. Then plug in my little tiny Nano and ear phones on needles and yarn and I'm a happy camper. For me this is even better than going to a movie, it's like the old time Radio Theatre.

I spend hours and hours reading reviews and asking friends and participate in discussion boards asking for book recommendations. Audible.com is my favorite source, they have a system where they rate the book according to the customers ratings and reviews. Brilliant, that way you can see how many people have rated this book and truly get a sense of what is popular out there. I like popular books because I'm sort of an average kind of person and my theory is if all those people liked it there must be something worth reading. Some times I get proven wrong but most of the time my system works.

I also have a system of picking a book for the reader. A great book can be ruined if you don't happen to like the reader for whatever reason the book is ruined. The tone of voice might be irritating to you a fake accent continuously mispronouncing names and places etc. One of Stephen King's favorite readers suffered a motorcycle accident and was not able to continue reading so Stephen King decided to read his own book. This fascinated me and even though I am not a Stephen King fan but I was curious I downloaded Bag of Bones.

Bag of Bones (Unabridged)
By: Stephen King

Av. Customer Rating: (4.26 based on 627 ratings)
Program Type: Audiobook (Fiction); Unabridged
Narrator: Stephen King
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio, 2001
Length: 23 hours and 49 min.

Based on the Star Ratings from Audible others liked this also.

What a terrific listen, I'm not sure I loved the book but I loved Stephen King's performance. It seemed to me that this was a subject he was very familiar with "autobiographical" and he certainly had the "accents" and the characters down to a "T". Stephen King is a great reader, who knew.

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Lisa said...

I love audiobooks too. Listen to them for hours while knitting. Try "Christine Falls" on Audible. Timothy Dalton (the actor) narrates and it is wonderful!