Friday, January 11, 2008

"A purse I can't get enough of"

I wrote about the purse I never wear now I want to share a purse I made that I always wear. I can't seem to get enough of this purse. It wears so well feels nice a cozy access is easy and it stays on my shoulders!

When it comes to purses I have many requirements, not just any purse will do. First of all I seem to want them to hang from my shoulders to leave my hands free . I don't wear shoulder pads anymore, (oh I miss them so much) so I have a problem with the shoulder strap sliding off my shoulder and it becomes a constant fight. So that is the number one criteria, shoulder slippage. If you want to know more about my hand bag obsession I wrote about it here.

This purse is knitted in the round with a mixed content yarn. It was wool and silk and wet felted in my washing machine. The wool felted or shrunk more than the silk so it gave the purse a "texture" sort of wool with silky bumps. Then I crochet a "chain" strap but the purse still needed something more first I was going to needle felt a design on it but I could not make up my mind what color to add and what the design should be. I put it aside to think about it.

Months went by and one day I was rummaging through my "works in progress" pile, you know those unfinished projects that are just begging to be finished I seem to have a huge pile of. And I see this back of a sweater I started and got fed up with because it was too tedious. Suddenly it came together I just sewed it on the bottom of the purse. Now this is just what this project needed.

Take a look, the bottom has this great star design

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Yarnartist said...

Love the bag! But what is that fascinating creation on the form in the last photo?