Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Neck's Best Friend

Nothing new here but my own spin on it. A great stash buster and I can display some of my great buttons from my button collection.

The only problem has been that as soon as I show one to somebody they want it so I keep making more of them.

Ellen Bloom called me a "genius" ...... nothing I invented just adding a few banana touches.

A word about Buttons:

Somebody wrote me an eMail and asked if she should keep her buttons she inherited from her grandmother "carded"?
I am by no means an expert, but when I have asked some real button "nuts" they have conventions etc. they say that the cards are very important. So if you want to keep their value as a collectible keep them on the cards, as with any collectible the more original you can keep it the more the value.

However, for me I don't care about the collectible value, I just love to play with them sort them touch them and once in a while use them on a project.

I have a great deal of fun looking through the buttons for a project I am working on. In my opinion a button can make the outfit. If I put a fabulous button on a sweater even if the yarn or the sweater is not so fabulous it becomes fabulous. The button sets the tone.


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! There are some great buttons in those boxes.

Sometimes, I like my buttons too much to actually use them on a project. Weird, huh?

Ana Petrova said...

I have a very difficult time using some of my buttons that I love. Yes I'm weird that way too.

ChelleC said...

You have such creativty! That Next Best Thing is a marvelous concept, and the button collection to be envied as well.