Thursday, January 10, 2008

"A purse I never wear"

I originally wrote about this purse:

This is a felted purse I made and have decided to name it "Zita". It's very comfortable to wear and the colors work really well together. The lime green with the deep maroon and the tiny dot of yellow in the flower turned out well.

I made this in 2005 and since then hardly used it so I renamed it "A purse I never wear".... I have been posting my fiber creations on (user name: bananaknits) and realizing just how many things I've collected over these past few years of knitting.

I have been a life long knitter learned the skill very early in my childhood. It seemed like this was a mandatory skill we all had to learn in Post World War 2 Eastern Europe. At least this is my perception of it all. Ready made clothing was just not available so if you wanted a sweater to keep warm you had to knit it yourself or have somebody make it for you. The winters are frigid in Budapest and I quickly learned the skill to knit myself scarfs, hats, gloves, socks and sweaters.

We did not have pattern books just hand me down instructions mostly verbal. This is why my first instinct is to just start knitting and not follow patterns just create shapes. Even if I do follow a pattern I just can't help myself and have to "tweek" it. My privilidge.

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