Friday, January 11, 2008

Kaffe Fassett book signing.

I love the colors and designs of Kaffe Fassett, I've never attempted to knit anything from any of his books but I still love to look at the pretty pictures.

He has a new book out so he is on a "Book Signing" tour and last evening he was at Wildfiber one of my LYS (local yarn store). Only a few minutes drive from my house and I do own several of his books and I was curious to meet him.

I went early because parking at this Santa Monica store is "gamey" at best so I thought there would be a huge crowd ..... well I was wrong in my estimation it was very poorly attended. Thank goodness there were a few regular customers to make it appear a bit more crowded. They had a huge stack of books on the table all kinds of lovely food and he had all his "sharpie" pens ready and there were no lines only a few admiring his knitting.

He did sign all my books and graciously showed his knitting technique. Natasha the new owner of Wildfiber and I remarked with surprise that he was a "thrower". Both Natasha and I are "pickers" and there was a sense of oh you poor dear you are a "thrower".

Is being a "thrower" bad, he asked? To which we both replied that throwers are slower than pickers. Although there are some fast throwers and Kaffee was certainly one of them. But Natasha and I kind of snobbishly felt sorry for all those poor slow pickers. Oh yes throwers are slower than pickers just in case there is any doubt. But this argument is like having a PC or a Mac.

I told him that his charts look far too hard to follow so I only admire the pictures and do an interpretation of what I see. I told him that I never really learned how to read patterns so I just make up my own. He laughed and told me that he can't follow patterns either so that's why he makes up his own patterns too. He was surprised that anybody could follow his complex patterns. So there you have it he can't follow his own patterns either but his sense of color is terrific.


jessie said...

I could totally see you and KF hooking up to create one of your designs in his signature color combos. How cool would that be?

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! Excellent post, Ana. Who knew Fassett was a thrower! As a thrower for over 45 years, I'm inspired by know that.

Too bad about the turnout. I suppose Wild Fiber should have advertised more.