Monday, January 21, 2008

Garbage Bags!

It's been so long since SHE let me come even near the computer I almost forgot how to write. I guess it's like riding a bicycle once you know how you never forget. But I don't know how to ride a bike oh never mind...... Anyway SHE has been on the computer constantly some website called I guess it's like catnip for knitters. SHE is spending hours and hours looking at other people's knitting chatting with them etc.

SHE is really getting on my nerves with this knitting stuff. There is yarn everywhere! There are what SHE calls "projects" started all over the house. You better not even try and sit down on the couch without checking to see if SHE left any sharp sticks around. I try and distract her and annoy her as much as I can but I can only do so much. I am totally being ignored, at least if SHE were to knit me a sweater BUT NOOOOO... no sweater for me just socks, and purses and who the heck knows what else for herself.

Mind you SHE has enough yarn to open a yarn shop and do you know what she is knitting out of? Plastic garbage bags! Yup like a mental patient SHE is cutting up plastic garbage bags and rolling them up so it looks like yarn then SHE is making a purse! Like SHE does not have a 100 purses already. Then some of her friends are collecting garbage bags too so now we look like the recycling place with all the collections of garbage bags! Help I want out of this madness, SHE has crossed over the line. The worst part about it is how she forces people to watch her MAGIC trick, which is how to cut the plastic garbage bags. I do admit it's pretty amazing the first time you see it but it gets old very fast. I do hope SHE gets over this kick soon.

Oh here SHE comes I've got to go, till next time.

The Bitch.

fyi: her user name on is bananaknits.

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