Friday, January 04, 2013

Wings and more wings

I have been preparing to teach a class on Short Rowing. I have several ideas on what to call the class but so far I have not decided on the exact title.
I want to teach five or six different ways to short row. As with any other knitting technique the method you use will depend on the project.
You might ask what are short rows?
It's a wonderful technique that every knitter should have in their "tool bags". Shorting a row makes curves and darts and soft edges. It's a way to make your project fit better.
The way to accomplish this is to partially knit a row, hence the name short row. You knit to a certain point of your row then turn around and knit back. You are adding shaped rows without changing your stitch count. Believe me it sounds a whole lot more complicated than it really is.
Learning different ways to accomplish this is wonderful knowledge for knitting. Here are some samples I've been knitting up to show off this technique for my upcoming class.

This is a project I knit a few years ago, it's designed by Hanne Falkenberg and the name of the pattern is "Ballerina". Lots of short rows knitted from side to side. I think on a size 3 needle so there was lots and lots of garter stitch knitting. I made two of these projects.

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