Thursday, January 10, 2013

Button Pick... Oh wait where is my blog?

I never realized that this kind of thing would happen. I've been blogging here since 2005, having a great time doing it. It's sort of like a journal for me. I can't imagine that too many people would actually read what I have to say here but I know what was going on when I posted the entry.

Yesterday I got a no-reply eMail from Google, your blog is deleted!
Inappropriate content and SPAM!

And all the pictures! I would have really missed those!

But wait, this is a knitting blog, what could be inappropriate?
Did I purl instead of knit?

Trying to get ahold of Google is harder than writing to the White House! But I finally found the little tiny button to ask for a review. Good news I got an apology and just like that my blog is back.

Now I need to figure out some way to back up this blog? But how?

Back to my regular blog post......

I'm writing a pattern, so I've made several of these neck warmers or "Dickey" as I like to call them.

They are fun to knit, and fun to wear. Keeps you warm easy to put on & off. In the winter Southern California has some chilly mornings then often by mid day it warms up. These little neck warmers work really well for me. This one below is going to get buttons. Which button?

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