Monday, January 21, 2013

Admire Your Work Often

Oh NO!
A mistake way down there!
12 Rows! Do I Frog? (rip back)
How did this happen?
How in the world did I not notice this?

This is setting the finish this project "goal date" way way back!

Hours and hours of knitting!
I hate when this happens!
But wait maybe all is not lost. I have a handy dandy little tool made just for this job.

I've had this little tool in my "knitty" bag for a long time and this is the first time I'm actually using it. I see it when I open this Namaste magnetic "buddy case" (one of my favorite holders of tiny tools) but have never used it before. I somehow knew that one day it may come in handy. When I go to a yarn store I usually look at their tools and gadgets wall first. I love finding little tools that help to get the job done.

I love all gadgets and good tools. A well designed tool makes or brakes the ease of the job. Picking up dropped stitches is tricky but when it's over ten rows and in garter stitch it can be a nightmare. In the first place I am hugely surprised that this happened. It's such an obvious mistake. Why in the world did I not pay closer attention? I know better that this! Shish..... Often I get mesmerized with the stitches and forget to pay attention to what I'm doing. I don't know why I'm so surprised I make mistakes all the time. I guess the reason I'm so surprised is because it's such a blatant blaring mistake.

If the mistake happens in a place where it's not that noticeable I usually leave it but when it's so up front and center.... well I just can not leave it.

When I teach a class and prepare my handouts, I always put this quote on every page: "Admire Your Work Often". By this I mean stop and look at what you are knitting catch mistakes early. Obviously if I had caught this mistake earlier it would not be this huge fix.

So you are as good as your tools. If I did not have this little handy hooky tool picking up these stitches from stockinette to garter stitch would not be as easy as with this brilliantly designed tool.  I have no idea what this little tool is called and also have no idea where I got it. (sorry).





As I was writing this post I ran across this handy little tool called "fix-a-stitch".  
I've never seen this tool used before but if I see it somewhere I will pick one  up.

Who know I may make a mistake again someday ;-)
Although I think the latch hook tool seems more efficient.


Ellen Bloom said...

I often quote you, Ms. Ana! "Admire Your Work Often" has become my mantra. I make mistakes ALL the time!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I have to laugh, my sister and I joke that we Knit 1 Admire 2 when we are knitting. Even so, I often find the mistake many rowslater, and although I can repair stockinette easily, I never get garter or purl right. 9Mind block!) I need your nifty tool. Off to research!