Saturday, November 17, 2012

Years and Years ago

When I was a teen ager and my mom bought me a pair of half boots. I LOVED my half boots. I wore it every day. I wore it from the time I got up till I went to bed. My obsession with the boots was very happy and comfy. They seemed to go with all my clothes and if they did not match I did not care, I LOVED my half boots. It was the early 60's and I had never seen such cool boots before. (I was young.)

They kind of had pointy toes and came right to the ankle with a little zipper on the side with a buckle. It was a light brown sort of dark taupe. After several months of wear they started to be a bit worn out. I was upset already wondering what I will do when my boots get a whole and I won't be able to wear them anymore. Now I started not to wear the boots at home saving them for going out.

My sweet mother saw angst that I was having about the boots, so she went out and found a pair exactly the same. Same size and color but brand new. She put it away to surprise me when the time came to give up the old boots. That day came and I was complaining about what am I going to do? My boots are starting to wear out! She presented me with a shoe box with the brand new boots.

They kind of looked like these ...... oh I loved my cool boots.

I was happy, but not as happy as I thought I would be. The new boots were not as exciting as the original pair was. They looked the same fit the same but just somehow were not the same. I thanked her very much but actually felt like telling her to take them back to get her hard earned money back. She was so pleased and I did not want her to be disappointed. I put them away and  I thought maybe I would make friends with the new boots in the future..... I never did. I never wore the new boots.

If I was a teen today I wonder if I would be wearing these?

or a bit more funky...

 I better get back to my knitting.

Why am I telling you this story on this knitting blog? Because of the "shawl sweater" blue vs. the new "shawl sweater" brown. Sort of the same story. The blue one I can't get enough of and the new brown one is nice but not the same. It just does not speak to me the same way the blue one does. The same fiber the same style the same size the same but different. I don't have time to take pictures but I will post them later.

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