Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love my glasses

I was

I need new glasses but somehow I don't want to give up my old ones. I usually get new frames when I need a new prescription but this time I think I am going to stick with the old. They are light as a feather, titanium with fiberglass. The design is really elegant, even the case is unique, wool felt with magnets.

I buy my glasses from my friend Cliff and Bianca at

Markus T
They even got the redot design award.
Minimalism of natural shape The Greek mathematician and physician Archimedes is said to have experimented with visual aids already, using a crystal connected to his head that helped him see better. For designers, creating spectacles is an interesting theme, because it involves a combination of stylistic sensibility and current trends with precise functionality and new technologies. The “horn by Markus T” eyewear collection by the designer Markus Temming interprets in a new manner the natural material of horn that has been used in eyewear design for many years. In an innovative design approach the natural horn is combined with high-tech titanium, whereas the characteristics of both elements define the wearing comfort and the look of this collection. Its design is made possible through a new process of cutting the natural horn and how it is processed: Two very thinly cut horn plates are connected with each other by means of a newly developed technique giving the glasses elasticity and stability. Thanks to a coherent bonding of titanium elements accentuating the harmony of the frame these titanium connecting-systems lend the collection its technical appearance and further underline its clear language of form. In contrast to this, the naturalness of the horn imparts the distinctive and organic structure of the material, making each pair of glasses original and unique. Complemented with fine mirror-finish polish, these models project the attributes of warmth and lightness, as well as a minimalism that is one of a kind.
The M3 collection is made of TMi, a synthetic material that is particularly lightweight, durable and flexible. A titanium bridge enables the lenses to be inserted without heat. In the case of strong optical correction, the slot located at the front and the somewhat more pronounced depth of material both serve to conceal the thickness of the lenses. The temples can be easily heated and adjusted, while silicone coatings provide a comfortable fit. Special screwless hinges connect the front with the temples.


Ellen Bloom said...

I like your glasses too! Good choice to reuse those great frames!

mzjohansen said...

Hi Ana:
Thanks so much for your nice note about my leaf print shawl.

I was so surprised that I prefer Hiya knitting needles to Addi Turbos - never in a million years would I have thought that I would!
I like keeping up with you through your blog! Wish we could get together again!