Thursday, November 01, 2012

I see you but you are silent

I post on this blog because I like to write and love to knit so I write about my knitting. I originally started this blog to keep track of my knitting projects. I thought it would be very handy to have this information at my finger tips on demand. No longer have to search around to find where I put the notes on that shawl I knit two years ago. What size needle did I use? Was there something special I needed to pay attention to?

I have so many little bits of paper and note pads I keep notes on and when I need that particular one I end up searching. So Blogger came around and I thought that nobody is really interested in my funky notes about knitting so I would have this private blog. Although I never write anything that is really private. As I tell people about the internet: "Do not write anything that you would not want appear on the front page of the Los Angeles Times". Although their readership is dwindling but you get the jest of what I'm saying.

Then there was the naming of the blog. My name rhymes with banana and long long ago when I was in school some of my friends called me "The Banana". Ana Banana, great I'll name my silly blog BananaKnits. That is easy enough for me to remember and off I went blogging about my knitting.

I started this blog on a Thursday, August 4th, 2005. I know this because I just looked it up. And look what I found in one of my old blog posts a knit one below project:

Start with 3 stitches and increase one at the beginning of each row, then when I got to about 8 inches it looked like it needed a little something so I started to knit the stitch below on every other stitch leaving the border in garter stitch. When I completed the shawl it looked too boring so I added my "stash buster" crochet "frufru" edging to it. 

The yarn I used for the shawl is by Creative Yarns, Hearty Worsted New Zealand Wool. The FruFru got whatever I grabbed of some of my leftover stash.

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ChelleC said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for years! I don't always comment, but I am here. You are so creative and I enjoy seeing your projects. Chelle