Thursday, November 22, 2012

Still thinking about Swing Knitting

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am grateful for good health and happiness in my family. To all my U.S. visitors hope you have a wonderful healthy and happy day!

I am especially grateful this year that I do not have to cook! Sometimes I wish I loved cooking as much as I love knitting. But then again maybe if things were that way I may be more plump than I already am. We are invited to a good friends home for this thanksgiving feast! Yay!

My knitting.... update...

I'm totally in love with the Wingspan pattern, tweeking it different ways and have a ton of ideas for other designs. This is a little scarf or maybe a mini shawl or a cowl. It's really a combination of all those. I'm giving it a name "Clipped Wings".

I name most of my projects because it's fun to name things and when somebody asks me about a design they can refer to the project by name. No I don't remember all the names I've given things but no matter. I call this one "Clipped Wing" because it is a smaller version of the Wingspan pattern. Instead of the 90 stitches the original pattern calls for I cast on 44 stitches. And at the end knit 4 rows of the entire length of the scarf. I love the effect.

The yarn I used is some of my home spun odds and ends. The colors work

The next project I want to try is this same idea but in Freeform Swing Knitting style. I'll let you know how it goes.

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