Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you knit?

I love the Yarnharlot's blog, I think Stephanie is just a very funny person and love what she has to say. Especially having met her a few times and spending a bit of time with her at the Sock Summit I appreciate her sense of humor and she knits like the wind. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has a number of books out and she travels a lot promoting her books and teaching how to knit faster.

I took her class because I want to knit faster even though I thought I knitted fairly efficiently, the Continental method, during class she timed us and it turns out I was just average. Burst my bubble, but as we all know it's the "journey" not the destination. Knitting is such a zen exercise, and at the end you get a prize. In today's entry on the Yarnharlot's blog she writes about somebody remarking about her knitting and it reminded me of what happened to me the other day.

I was sitting at Starbuck's all by myself having a cup of much needed afternoon pick me up almost $5 dollars cup of coffee and pulled out my little socks that I always have going in my purse to knit. Everybody is busy at Starbuck's working away on their laptops, or pretending to be working on something so very important, and I am listening to my knit pod cast and knitting. When a lady comes walking over to me and asks me the following "Do you knit?".

Yes I say, this is my form of meditation, I listen to meditation music and try and pull loops through with these needles and this string and all the while I count how many loops I have finished. You should try it, they say it lowers your blood pressure and improves hand and eye coordination. I asked her if she was interested in learning how to knit because it's so much fun. There is a whole knitting community online just google knitting.

P.S. about the Sock Summit I want a "do-over", will there be another Sock Summit? If you read this Steph & Tina I would so love that.

During the Sock Summit they asked for volunteers to help out so I volunteered after all it was to do with knitting and I love to help out. One of the volunteer jobs I had was to be Stephanies helper during the book signing. Which meant I got to hang around and collect all the goodies people brought Stephanie and got to hear her conversations with each fan. I think this was one of the best jobs, her quick wit is amazing and had me entertained and fascinated how many fans the Yarnharlot has. Here are some pictures from the event and in this first picture I found from one of the fans blogs (sorry I don't remember the url) but there I am sitting right behind having a great time.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

LOVE your unspoken meditation answer! Thanks for making me smile over my breakfast coffee.

Anonymous said...

Good segue into advertising your classes!!