Monday, September 14, 2009

I may be hovering near the "line"

As I have shared in a earlier post "I got my new glasses....."
and I shared how much I love getting new glasses, ok I'm an accessory junkie and I get bored with things rather quickly. I have lots of glasses because...... well just because. Some of them I love and wear all the time and some I find I get bored with. When I first ordered these glasses I loved them and had my prescription put in them but soon I got bored with it and hardly ever wear it.

I was visiting my friend Carol's studio the other day and she had all these wonderful colors of paint all over the place and I wanted to wear some of them. Then the idea of painting my glasses popped into my head and I was calling Carol back and asking if I could come over for a painting session.

You know the expression "she has stepped over the line" is what Carol was thinking when she asked me what I wanted to paint. I answered my glasses Carol with a puzzled voice asked drinking glasses? No My Eye Glasses. But why? Just because I feel like it. Ok come on over.

Soon Carol broke out the colors I was asking for and started mixing, and within minutes I was painting. It's acrylic paint and no I don't have a sealer if they fade, chip or wear off I'll paint them again. I am very satisfied with the outcome and love the colors and love the painting idea, now to keep from painting all of my glasses.

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